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Mouth Mirror

To provide indirect vision.
To retract lips, cheeks, and tongue.
To reflect light into the mouth.


to check teeth for decay.

cotton pliers

to grasp & transfer items and or matetrial... or materials into and out of the oral cavity.

amalgam carrier

to carry & dispense amalgam for cavity preparation.

spoon excavator

remove carius dentin.


to pack and condense amalgam into cavity preparation.

ball burnisher

to smooth amalgam for condensing.

acorn burnisher

smooth amalgam & puts more anatemy

cleiod/discoid carver

to carve occlusal anatomy into amalgam restorations.

hollenback carver

carves amalgam in between tooth

mouth prop

to keep moth open

cement spatula

to mix dental cement

lab spatula

to mix powder & liquid into a flexible bowl


to num patient

high speed hand piece

to use with bur. & to cut into tooth with decay

lowspeed hand piece

to use with slow speed attachments

matrix band

to replace missing proximal wall or wall of cavity

saliva ejector

to evacuate smaller volumes of fluid from the oral cavity

perio probe

to measure periodontal depth in millimeter incerments

prophy angle

to polish teeth for prophylaxis


to evacuatem large volumes of fluid and debris from the oral cavity


to grab tissue or bone fragments

tissue scissors

to cut tissue

utilty scissors

for lab use

irrigating stringe

to carry & dispense irrigating solution into canal for cleansing during debridement of canal

gutta percha

to fill pulp chamber after completion of canal preparation.

paper points

to dry pulp chamber of canal

surgerical suction

to evacaute fluid from the oral cavity

150 forceps

to extract central,lateral,cuspids

151 forceps

to extract mandibular central,laterals,cuspids,premolars and roots

shade guide

to select shade for tooth

straight elevator

to looosen tooth from periodontal ligaments before extraction to seperate and lift tooth out of socket

dappen dish

to hold dental material


cut tissue

barbed broach

to remove pulp tissue from canal


to sucture surgical site

dental dam clamp

to stabilize dental dam

dental dam fram

to hold dental dam away from tooth

dental dam stamp

to mark holes in dental dam

endodontic files

to grasp and lock material for transfer into and out of oral cavity

dental dam

to isolate teeth for dental procedure

endodontic locking forceps

to lock materials in place.& transfer material in & out of cavity

dental dam punch

to puch holes in dental dam for each individual tooth

dental dam forceps

to place dental dam clamp on tooth and to remove clamp afer procedure.

curved sickel scaler

to remove large amounts of deposits from supragingival surfaces

ultrasonic scaler

to remove subgingival calculus on teeth

articulating paper/holder

to check centric and later occlusion

glass slab

to mix dental cement

impression tray

to make impression on a persons mouth


to use for high speed & low speed handpiece

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