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possessive pronoun

takes the place of a noun
my, you, his, her, its, mine, yours,

objective pronoun

functions as a object
us, you, then, me you, him her, it

nominative pronoun

functions as the subject or predicate noun
i, you, she, it, we, you, they

indefinite pronoun

doesn't refer to a definite person or thing
somebody, anybody, some, few

interrogative pronoun

ask a question
which whose what whom who?

linking verb

link two words together
is, be, am are, was, were, been, being

helping verbs

"helps" an action verb or linking verb

action verbs

shows action


verb not behaving like a verb


verb acting like a noun
ends in -ing
ex) i enjoy shopping.


verb acting like a adjective


to + verb
to write/ to eat


noun or pronoun that follows and renames another noun or pronoun

infinitive phrase

a prepositional phrase acting as the object of the infinitive


joins words, phrases, and clauses

coordinating conjunctions

FANBOYS for, and, nor, but, or, yet, so

subordinating conjunctions

start dependent clauses (are apart of the sentence/ clause)

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