Chapters 8 & 9 - PI in Healthcare

Clinical Guidelines
The descriptions of medical interventions for specific diagnoses in which treatment regimens and the patients' progress are evaluated on the basis of nationally accepted standards of care for each diagnosis
Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments - The 1988 reenactment of the 1967 CLIA, the federal regulations outlining the quality assurance activities required of labs that provide clinical services
Clinical Practice Standards
The established criteria against which the decisions and actions of healthcare practitioners are assessed in accordance with state and federal laws, regulations and guidelines
Core Processes
Care. treatment and services; assessing patient needs, planning care, treatment and services, providing the care, treatment and services, and coordinating care, treatment and services
Critical Pathways
A graphic tool used to communicate established standards of patient care for specific diagnoses; also called clinical pathway or care map
Evidence-Based Medicine
The care processes or treatment intervention that researchers performing large, population-based studies have found to achieve the best outcomes in various types of medical practice
Facility Quality-Indicator Profile
A report based on the data gathered using the MDS for Long-Term Care that indicates what proportion of the facility's residents has deficits in each area of assessment during the reporting period; which residents have which deficits
Minimum Data Set (MDS) for Long-Term Care
The data set that CMS requires long term care facilities to collect on all residents who are federal program beneficiaries
Standards of Care
An established set of clinical decisions and actions taken by clinicians in accordance with state and federal laws, regulations and guidelines
Tracer Methodology
A process TJC surveyors use during the on-site survey to analyze an organization's system; follow one patient from admission to discharge
Transfusion Reaction
Signs, symptoms, or conditions suffered by a patient as the result of the administration of an incompatible transfusion
Health Plan Employer Data and Information Set; gathers information about care, outcomes, and member satisfaction with managed care organizations and other health plans
Outcomes and Assessment Information Set; lists a core of items for the comprehensive assessment of an adult home care patient
Bloodborne Pathogen
Infectious disease such as HIV and Hepatitis B and C that are transported through contact with infected body fluids such as blood, semen, and vomitus
Community-acquired Infection
An infection that was present in a patient before he or she was admitted to a healthcare facility
An analytical tool used to illustrate the sequence of activities in a complex process
Healthcare-associated Infection (HAI)
An infection occurring in a patient in a hospital or healthcare setting in whom the infection was not present or incubating at the time of admission, or the remainder of an infection acquired during a previous admission
A graphic symbol used to represent a critical event in a process flowchart
Multiple Drug-resistant Organisms (MDROs)
A bacteria of any kind that has become resistant to many different antibiotics
Standard Precautions
The application of a set of procedures specifically designed to minimize or eliminate the passage of infectious disease agents from one individual to another during the provision of healthcare services; assume that all patients carry infectious disease agents