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A+ Essentials

Explain Motherboards components, types and features
BASIC INPUT OUTPUT SYSTEMS; The correct way to update a computer's BIOS is to download the BIOS installation files and flash the BIOS
module used for laptop RAM
FireWire devices
are hot-swappable and self-configuring. Components that can be removed from PC or laptop without turning them off.
Hard drive
for laptop is a 2.5-inch form factor. And for the desktop computer 3.5-inch form factor.
4.7 GB
is the maximum capacity for a standard single-sided, single layered DVD+R also known as the DVD-5standard.
Blu-Ray disk
A standard 12cm Blu-ray disk can store up to 50 GB of data. Because of their higher capacity. Blu-Ray discs are used for high-definintion video.
SD cards and USB flash drives
use solid state technology
that use solid-state technology use flash momory for storage instead of manetic materials.
Solid-State Drives
are quiter and faster because they have no mechanical parts. They require less power to operate than standard hard disk drive and therefore also run cooler,are more durable and are unaffected by magnets. Stores data on a microchip and does not include any moving parts.
Motherboard components, types and features
When configured for cable select, the hard disk's role as the as primary (master) or secondary (slave) hard disk is determine by the drive's postion on the controller cable.
components that can be removed while PC or laptop is still operating
The CMOS chip
a chip that stores settings such as the date and time that need to be maintained even when the computer is powered off.
CMOS Battery "Complementary metal- oxide-semiconductor"
provides power to the CMOS chip when the computer is powered off to maintqin these settings.
Riser card
A component that connect directly to the motherboard and allows you to add additional cards to it.
POST (Power-on-self-test)
During the POST process at boot up, a PC checks the basic hardware before loading the operating system.
motherboards that require power supplies that provides +3.3 volts for the motherboards.
micro ATX form factor
is designed for small form factor computers and is mostly backwards-compatible with the ATX standards
The Northbridge chipset
controls higher-speed connections to memory, graphics controllers , and the processor (through the front-side bus)
The Southbridge chipset
controls connections to lower-speed devices, such as the ISA, PCI, and USB buses. The southbridge may also contain integrated peripherals such as networking, audio, and video.
A power supply that automatically adjust to different input voltage