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alien and sedition acts

4 laws passed by the congress to make th federal government stronger

stap act

a british la placing tax on various colonial material and requiring a stamp to show that the tax wa spaid

monroe doctrine

a doctrine that stated americas foreign policy's

seneca falls convention

Elizabeth cady stanton was part of the women suffrage movement led a convention in seneca falls new york for women suffrage and they wrote the seneca falls decleration which asked for the right that women had been denied

california gold fever

gold was found in cal. and everyone began to move there to take a risk to find gold

Uncle tom's cabin

harriet beacher stowe wrote a book about slavery

gettysburg adress

after the battle of gettysburg president lincoln was asked to dedicate part of the battlefield as a cemetery for those who were lost in the battle he gave a brief speech that told us what the union was struggling to preserve(four score seven years ago)

great compromise

an agreement reached at the constitutional convention creating the senate and house of rep.

french and indian war

a conflict between the british and the french fought for control of north america

judicial review

the supreme courts power to declare war unconstitutional

townshend acts

the laws that extended britians economic and legal control over the colonies

manifest destiny

a doctrine stating that the united states was meant to span the entire north american continent from east to west

xyz affair

an attempt by the french to bribe american diplomats trying to negotiate a treaty for neutrality

alien and sedition acts

a set of laws limiting the right of foreigners and outlawing words or actions disloyal to or critical of the goverment

embargo act

a law banning american ships form sailing to foreign ports and closing american ports to foreign ships

war of 1812

a three year conflict started becase of british interference with american ships

trail of tears

the harsh westward journey of cherokee indians form georgia forced to leave their homelands

adams onis treaty

an agreement in which spain sold east and west florida to the united states

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