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The overall intent of the Social Security Act was to create programs that would:​
Respond to immediate crisis while planning for long term security
The two key complementary components of the Social Security Act were:
Social insurance and public assistance
The Social Security trust funds are projected to run out by 2019.​
Many argue that the future of Social Security is in jeopardy. Which of the following is NOT a reason to worry about the future of the program?​
coverage of low-income children
Social Security historically has included fairness in resource distribution by race and gender.​
Social Security is the main source of income for two-thirds of all elderly people.​
Disability Insurance was
added in 1956
The original Social Security Act of 1935 included Grants to States for Aid to Dependent Children and Medicare​.
Today, social insurance programs include:​
Unemployment Insurance
Which of the following is true about privatization of Social Security?​
Those who understand financial markets would do well
When the Social Security Act was passed in 1935, the public and legislators embraced which program?​
None of the programs
Social insurance is:​
collectively funded program for workers and their dependents
The full name of Social Security today is Old Age Survivors Disability Insurance.​
From its introduction as a policy proposal, Social Security was widely embraced because of its support for the elderly and people with disabilities.​
The following programs were all part of the original Social Security Act of 1935:
Old Age Insurance
The tax rate for OASDI is:​
Planning for retirement typically is built on the "three-legged stool" consisting of:​
Social Security, pensions, and private saving
Sufficient retirement income
Requires reliance on multiple sources
The most costly health care concern for seniors is​
Social Security is a social program that provides sufficient benefits for a comfortable retirement.​
OASDHI includes a variety of programs. Which of the following is not covered under OASDHI?
In recent years, planning for retirement has changed, and people are​
including employment during their retirement years
If a woman survives her husband and becomes a widow, she is entitled to the full 100% of his Social Security Benefit.​
The Older Americans Act includes:
Vulnerable Elder Rights Protection
The first organized social welfare policy response for older Americans was:​
Social Security Act
Over 90% of elderly people receive some Social Security benefits.​
Adult Protective Services​
Were mandated by federal law
Elder maltreatment​
Includes financial exploitation
Area Agencies on Aging (AAA) are mandated and funded through:​
the Older Americans Act
Historically, for most Social Security recipients the amount of money they receive in benefits has been more than the total they paid in over their working years.​
Head Start is a comprehensive education and anti-poverty program which provides services to all eligible low-income children
Which of the following does NOT provide food and nutrition support for children​
While about 25% of all households with children and youth are headed by a single female parent,​
for African American families the rate is twice as high
One of the few times the federal government took a preventive approach to child and family welfare was with passage of:
The Family and Medical Leave Act
The first federal legislation for child welfare dates back to the
Early nineteen hundreds
Eligibility for Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) includes enforcement of child support​
The term "battered child syndrome" was developed in the 1990's due to the increase in reported cases of child abuse and neglect​
The TANF program includes​
Child support enforcement
The Medicaid program​
Spends far less on children than the proportion of them in the program
The Adoption Assistance and Child Welfare Act of 1980 was a result of:​
greater numbers of children spending longer amounts of time in foster care
The major social welfare program interventions in response to child abuse and neglect include all but:
Family preservation, child care, and parenting skills services are examples of:​
supportive services
Family preservation services are designed to help families alleviate crisis that might lead to out-of-home placement of children​
Foster care and adoption programs are institutional approaches to child welfare services​
Permanency planning:
​was developed through the Adoption Assistance and Child Welfare Ac
The majority of recipients of public assistance through the Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) program are young children​
Which of the following about the Affordable Care Act is not true:​
the ACA has received wide bipartisan political support
There are different federal policy approaches to the use of illegal substances. These approaches include:
treatment through medical and mental health intervention
Which of the following is NOT true about the Supplemental Security Income program?​
SSI is a social insurance program
The Consolidated Omnibus Reconciliation Act (COBRA):
allowed the continuation of group health insurance coverage after a person leaves his or her employment
Deinstitutionalization resulted in a 75% decrease in the number of people in state mental health institutions from 1955 to 1980
The Health Insurance Parity Act ensured that
coverage for physical and mental health services are provided equally
All people who are poor and uninsured qualify for Medicaid​
The Disability Insurance program:​
was not part of the Social Security Act until 1956​
Immunization services for children against preventable childhood diseases:​
are offered free through Medicaid or public health clinics
The Medicaid program:
provides long-term care coverage
The Medicaid program is funded through federal matching grants given to states
The Medicare program:
has two parts: Part A - hospital insurance and Part B - supplementary medical insurance
The Social Security Act in 1935 included health insurance for senior citizens​
The Affordable Care Act was established in 2010
The federal government became involved in the delivery of mental health services in 1946 through the National Mental Health Act​
Both the Supplemental Security Income (SSI) program and the Old Age Survivors Disability Insurance (OASDI) program provide cash benefits to people with disabilities
IDS is referred to as a pandemic because:
it occurs across a large geographic region
The number of people immigrating to the U.S. was high during the early 1900s, but has trailed off in recent years.
When the first European settlers came to this country, the land was:
populated by millions of indigenous peo
A refugee is a person who chooses to relocate to a new country for economic opportunity.​
NAFTA made trade between the U.S. and Mexico and Canada easier.​
In the 1940s, the areas of Texas, New Mexico, Arizona and California were part of Mexico.
People who are employed but living illegally in the United States are:
undocumented workers
People of color outnumbered white settlers in America during the 1700s.​
The United States spends the greatest amount on health, and
ranks first in health technology
People not born in the United States but who have been granted permanent residence are:​
lawful permanent citizens
The interconnectedness of the world's economies is called:​
The immigration policy of Deferred Action on Childhood Arrivals (DACA)​
was enacted through executive action by President Obama
The major similarity between a refugee and an immigrant is
they both immigrate from another country
Immigration policies over the years have been characterized by
quotas and limitations
The United States is the only industrialized country without a family allowance program.​
The DREAM act, if passed
Would allow undocumented students to become eligible for legal status
The Civil Rights Act of 1964 and the Voting Rights Act of 1965 were ineffective in securing the rights outlined by the Fourteenth Amendment​.
Which of the following are considered forms of advocacy?
All of these are forms of advocacy
Social Security is an excellent example of a preventive social welfare policy.​
The social work profession is built on
principles of social justice
​advocacy for social change
​improving people's lives
Level of education is inversely related to income.​
The Constitution was the first social welfare policy that outlined the protection of individual's rights.
The U.S. Constitution lacks provisions which protect against:​
Jim Crow laws in the south were examples of:​
institutional racism
The Fourteenth Amendment guaranteed women the right to vote.​
Action taken to influence the policy-making process is​
Policy practice
The goal of clean elections is to​
Open the electoral process and reduce influence of special interest
An example of a policy promoting sexism is:
denying women the right to vote
Legislation can never be passed directly through the voters
The ballot initiative process​
Can put a proposition on the ballot with signatures of registered voters
One policy solution legislators have tried to establish to limit outside influence on policy-makers:
campaign finance reform​
Which of the following is true of advocacy groups?​
Advocacy groups take political positions​
An Executive Order can only be issued by the President​