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braised belgian endive
endive cooked using the braising method,
Classic French meat stews braised in red wine, vegetables, and seasoning and traditionally cooked in a doubiere, a specialized casserole with a tight fitting lid and indentations to hold hot coals
a French stew of wine-moistened pieces of meat. also, a type of rich brown stock based on pork knuckle and veal and beef bones often used in braises
to give an item a shiny surface by brushing or otherwise coating it with sauce, aspic, icing, or another apparel. for meat, to coat with sauce and then brown in an oven or salamander
pot roast
a braised beef dish with a meat gravy and usually potatoes, carrots and onions
to pound meat, usually beef, with flour and seasoning, braking up the muscle fibers and tenderizing the meat
what types and cuts of meat are best suited to braising and why
the less tender and more flavorful cut of meat
what types of meat are not well-suited for braising?
small lean cuts of meat
describe what should be done to active a rich, deep flavor and deep brown color in a beef stew?
the meat and the aromatics should be browned thoroughly
describe three techniques for thickening the sauce of braise
2.-pur starch slurry
3.-buerre manie
4.-puré the mirepoix and put it back to the sauce
why is braising referred to as "combination cooking"?
because the meat is first seared and then cooked in some type of liquid
how can you determine doneness with a braised meat item?
test the meat for fork tenderness
when braising, what happens to the tough connective tissue in the meal?
it dissolves into gelatin