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people who expanded from Etruria


group of craftsmen, merchants, small farmers


form of government


Livy wrote stories to teach Romans about virtues.


Romans defeated the Greeks in Latium.


Two consuls did all of the following EXCEPT

judge cases involving non-citizens.

great landowners, ruling class


The Romans suffered a serious defeat against Hannibal at Cannae.


Romans tried to create an ideal government.


a _________ is a form of government in which the leader is not a monarch and certain citizens have the right to vote


for how many years did the etruscans control rome

141 years

less wealthy landholders craftspeople merchants and small farmers


the body of laws known as the ________ was one of rome's chief gifts to later generations

Law of Nations

a form of government in which the leader is not monarch and certain citizens can vote


according to the time line which happened first

Etruscans gain control of Rome

how does the author recommend treating conquered peoples

with generosity

who created the building system that allowed rome to develop into a large city


which wars started the roman quest for empire

the Punic Wars

great landowners who became rome's ruling class


how many years did hadrian rule


assassinated by a group of leading senators

Julius Caesar

outright civil war was avoided by compromise between the upper class patricians and the wealthy middle class __________


government by three people with equal power


All of the following are true EXCEPT

most romans also spoke greek

according to the passage who sent supplies to antony but did not come in person to fight

the kings of the Medes

what is a being plotted in the passage

the assassination of Caesar

latifundia were large landed estates in italy that mostly used slave labor


octavian took control of the government after the

Battle of Actium

contributing to the instability of the roman empire all of the following rulers commited suicide except


first Roman emperor


Carthaginian general


in the roman republic, _________ did not have power in the government


The Pax Romana was a

period of peace and prosperity beginning in 96 CE

which date marks the end of the pax romana or roman peace

A.D. 180

absolute ruler


general who first forced his troops to swear loyalty to himself rather than the roman government


upon the death of crassus, ________ refused to step down from power to allow pompey to rule alone

Julius Caesar

antony defeated octavian at the battle of actium in 31 bce


after marching on rome and defeating pompey caesar appointed himself ________ and filled the senate with his supporters


According to the passage what do the Roman senators meet each day to discuss

how to best govern the Roman people

how many layers of material were the roads made of


this event that involved horses was the passion of all social classes and bound wealthy and poor together name it

the chariot races

In 73 BCE the gladiator Spartacus

led a slave revolt

Dominant male head of family


apartments for the poor


this greek gladiatorial physician gained knowledge of anatomy with immediate access to deceased gladiators. name him.


Roman sculptors created statues that

were realistic

Virgil wrote the History of Rome


the paterfamilias or dominant male was the head of the roman family and

gradually lost power over the course of Roman history

roman architecture incorporated all of the following grecian concepts except


in the satires horace made fun of human weakness


the romans adopted many aspects of greek culture and applied it to their own

all of the above

which material was used in building the Roman roads

all of the above

gladiator who led a massive slave revolt


roman architecture incorporated the

all of the above

what does the author consider a great accomplishment of rome

the destruction of Carthage

form of execution


aeneas was portrayed as an ideal roman


although the romans adopted a greek style of art their sculptures were

all of the above

head of the Roman family


Christian church members


advocated the violent overthrow of Roman rule


the romans adopted christianity as their official religion under theodosius the great


The Jewish temple in _________ was destroyed by the Romans after a Jewish revolt


although christians were persecuted the religion

gained membership

this man tried to bring back the traditional roman religion he renamed greek gods made emperors gods and hoped to bring happiness back to Rome


jesus of nazareth taught that you should love your ________ as yourself


this is the religion christianity grew from it is also the religion of jesus


The Edict of Milan proclaimed

official tolerance of Christianity

Roman persecutions made Christianity all of the following EXCEPT


Slavery was

common in the ancient world

According to the passage which should not be a concern for people

all of the above

Who did Nero blame for the huge fire which destroyed much of Rome


Christianity grew for all of these reasons EXCEPT

it included the old Roman gods

________ became the first Christian emperor


According to _________ teachings Jews and Greeks were equal


In Rome boys of the upper class were not expected to learn to read


nero blamed christians for the fire that destroyed much of rome this led to greater persecution of Christians in Rome


Christianity was especially attractive to

the poor

Constantine became the Roman Empire's

first Christian emperor

Who was Jesus and where was he from?

He was a Jew from Palestine

sacked Rome in 455 CE

the Vandals

This story demonstrates what characteristic of some Roman officials?


rapid increase in prices


Which was not a characteristic of Attila's clothing?


The political and military reforms of Diocletian and Constantine

greatly enhanced the army and civil service institutions, but drained most of the public funds.

The Western Roman Empire was besieged by all of the following EXCEPT


Who besieged Rome and then occupied southwest Gaul?


Constantine's capital


the first invasion of rome from the east were from

the Persians

under which emperor did rome adopt christianity as its official religion

Theodosius the Great

peace followed the rule of the severan dynasty


Byzantium was eventually renamed Vandalia


second part of Christian Bible

New Testament

Diocletian divided the empire

into four units

Constantine called Constantinople New Rome


believed the Roman Empire was too large for a single ruler


The _______ were the first invaders to sack Rome


an epidemic disease


Romans were tolerant of other peoples religions unless those religions

threatened public order or morals

theories about why the roman empire declined include all of the following except

tidal wave

in the long run the economic and social policies of diocletian and constantine

stifled the vitality the late empire needed to revive its sagging fortunes

German tribe that sacked Rome


diocletian and constantine paved the way for foreign invasion by doing all of the following except

reorganizing the military

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