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Civics Chapter 20


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Placing someone in fear without physical contact
If physical contact occurs, as with a weapon or a foot
When a person breaks into a building and plans to do something illegal inside
Stealing money that has been entrusted in your care
The betrayal of one's country by helping its enemies or by making war against it
A crime in which people or groups of people use, or say they will use, violence in order to get what they want from the gov. or society
Poor areas
Where is there more crime?
Crime Against People
What are acts that threaten, hurt, or end a person's life
When someone kills and it's intentional and has no legal excuse it is...
What is killing that happens by accident?
It is legal
Is killing out of self-defense legal?
Crimes Against Property
What are crimes that occur more than most and involve stealing?
Taking anything of value without violence
Crime against property and a person
Setting fire to a property on purpose
Purposely damaging someone else's property
Victimless crime
Go against common values and hurt the people that commit them
Crimes Against the Gov.
Treason one terrorism are...
People who are _______ usually commit crimes.
Social Change and changing Values
What is it called when values change and people lose their sense of right and wrong?
Poor Parenting
What is it called when unhappy family life makes a person more likely to break laws
Drug Use and Mental Illness
What is it called when people suffering from mental illness commit crimes in an irrational moment
Permissive Courts
What is it called when people blame crime on courts on how they treat criminals
Not Enough Money for Police
More money should be given to police departments so more police officers can be hired
Violence in the Media
People fear that watching violence leads o be more violent themselves
White-caller crimes
Nonviolent crimes by office workers
Taking someone else's property of money but cheating or lying
Probable Cause
A good reason to believe that a suspect has been involved in a crime
A legal paper, issued by a court, giving police permission to make an arrest, seizure, or search
Money that a defendant gives to the court as a promise that he will return for the trial
A court hearing on which the defendant is formally charged with a crime and enters a plea of guilty, not guilty, or no contest
Formal charge against the accused, or refuse to indict
Plea Bargaining
Agreeing to plead guilty in exchange for a lesser charge or a lighter sentence
Letting an inmate go free to serve the rest of his sentence outside of prison
Probable cause
The officer arresting the person must have...
Miranda Law
The officers must tell the defendant the law(which law)
The defendant must appear in court for ______ hearing
At the first appearance in court the judge can set
Public defender is appointed by the _____
A juvenile who is found guilty of a crime
Status offender
A youth who is found guilty of running away, missing school, or disobedience
A child under ___ can be a juvenile
Initial Hearing
The judge must be convinced that a law was broken and that there is evidence that the young person did it.
Adjudicatory Hearing
Takes the place of the trial
The Dispositional Hearing
The judge decides the sentence