Unit 5 - Lesson 12

Basic Video Editing
Digital Camera
a camera that encodes an image digitally and store it for later reproduction
Video Camera
A camera that takes continuous pictures by breaking down the image into a series of lines and generates a signal for display and recording
using direction, quality and intensity of lights to ensure quality filming
Camera Angles
various positions of the camera (high, medium, or low; and left, right, or straight on) with respect to the subject, each giving a different viewpoint or effect
3- Point Lighting
key lighting, fill lighting, and back lighting used collectively
An unbroken span of action captured by an uninterrupted run of a motion-picture camera
the way an issue is posed; how an issue is framed can significantly affect decisions and judgments
Movie Maker
windows software used to create movies from pictures and/or video clips
Timeline View
In microsoft movie maker this view compresses the thumbs and provides a ruler that shows the duration of all clips
Task Pane
A window along the left side of the program window that contains options and commands