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Video Effects and Transitions

Video Effects

A video effect determines how a video clip, picture, or title displays in your project and final movie. Video effects let you add special effects to your movie. A video effect is applied for the entire duration that the video clip, picture, or title displays in your movie. You can add any of the video effects that appear in the Video Effects folder in the Collections pane.

Video Transitions

Controls how your movie plays from one clip to another

Telephone Techniques

preparation is key: have an outline, have back up information, have pen and paper handy so you can jot down notes. Hold the receiver slightly away from your mouth and speak slowly and distinctly . Identify yourself immediately and your property. Be personable and willing to listen. Don't be reluctant to ask for spelling of their name


code of social behavior, manners


windows media video; compressed video format designed for Windows but also viewable on Macs

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