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established their capital at Tenochtitlán, on an island in the middle of Lake Texcoco


Aztec monarch


used both a solar calendar and a sacred calendar for measuring time


earliest known civilization of Mesoamerica


Rulers of the Mayan city-states claimed

to be descended from gods

areas of Mexico and Central America that were civilized before the Spaniards arrived


which city was located within the toltec heartland


Mayan cities were built around a central


the aztec capital was built on an island in the middle of lake texcoco


Aztec monarch who initially welcomed the Spaniards


The new Aztec kingdom was

a collection of semi-independent territories

conqueror of the Aztec


which of the following is not a theory for the decline of the mayan civilization

a lack of invention and adaptation

montezuma II did not attack cortes initially because

he believed Cortes was the Aztec god Quetzalcoatl

The largest Mayan city w? over 100,000 inhabitants


Aztec god who took the form of a feathered serpent


The Aztecs practiced human sacrifice in order to

to fight off diseases brought to their civilization by European explorers

the mayans created a sophisticated writing system based on hieroglyphs which

Spanish conquerors made no effort to decipher, deciding instead to burn Mayan books

Aztec religion was based on belief in a struggle between

good and evil

advanced civilization near the Pacific coast, not far south of the border of Ecuador


The Incan Empire was organized into quarters and clans, each ruled by a prince.


records system using knotted string


conqueror of the Inca capital


conqueror of Atahuallpa


all young inca women were required to serve in the army


Pachacuti was their powerful ruler in the 1440s


The Inca were conquered by Spanish force led by


What was placed over the high alter of the temple at Cuzco

an image of the sun

Based on the map, which of the following statements is true

Incan civilization included former Moche and Chimor lands

disease carried to Mesoamerica by Europeans


In what modern-day country was Potosi located


According to the passage, the effect of mining wealth was

to make Spain's king stronger in Europe for awhile

The Inca civilization built their massive army by requiring

that all men join in the service

Machu Picchu was

a city built by the Inca, and serves as the finest example of Incan architecture

Inca women might expect to do any of the following EXPECT

serve in the army

World's largest desert


With the capital moved to Meroe, Nubians controlled trade in

both a and b

_________ did not influence early North African civilizations


Ancient kingdom located along the fertile land of the upper Nile


In contrast to Egyptian art, the art Nubia was more


Historians can trace the migration of the Bantu people by their

root language

Process by which a desert spreads


Who was Apendemak

both a and b

Where was Nubian Kingdom located

along the Upper Nile

The Nubian capital of Meroe was important producer of


one of the factors that contributed to the downfall of both the inca and the aztec empires was their

lack of the natural immunity to diseases that the Spanish brought them from Europe

Capital of Songhai


The kingdoms of Songhai, Ghana, and Mali were all centered around

the gold and salt trade

Which of the following rulers made a hajj that resulted in trading and diplomatic ties between Mali and other Muslim states?

Mansa Musa

Why did the farming villages of West Africa expand?

They began accumulating a surplus of crops

King of Mali


Since the Inca lacked a writing system, they

kept records using a system of knotted strings called the quipu

Which of the following leaders set up a Muslim dynasty in Songhai

Askia Muhammad

The largest West African state was forged by

Sonni Ali

All of the following statements are true of Axum EXCEPT:

Axum fell shortly after Africa converted to Islam.

The triangular trade network of 200 B.C. - A.D. 400 was between Africa, the Mediterranean, and __________.


The Great Zimbabwe controlled the gold trade in ______.

South Africa

What was the Triangle of Trade

It was a trade network established between Africa, the Mediterranean and India

Kingdom of the Soninke people located between the Niger and Senegal rivers


Ethiopians learned Christian traditions from

their Axumite ancestors

Monsoon winds aided trade between East Africa and


Which of the following were not discovered in the ruins of Great Zimbabwe


What religious tradition did the Axumites pass on to the Ethiopians


King Ezana of Axum strengthened ties with the Mediterranean world by

converting to Christianity

Capital of inland empire whose name means great stone buildings

Great Zimbabwe

_______ was founded in Ethiopia

The Coptic Church

Axum prospered partly because it had a port on the

Red Sea

Which of the following statements is not a result of Ethiopia interacting with other cultures

The language in Ethiopia blended w/ other African dialiects

Axum conquered and absorbed


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