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measurement, acids and bases, macromolecules, enzymes, microscope, the cell, osmosis and diffusion,

what is the Meniscus?

concave surface of a liquid resulting from surface tension

where do you measure volume of a liquid?

bottom of meniscus

convert 123,000 to scientific notation

1.23 x 10^5

formula to convert F to C

1.8(*C) + 32

formula to convert C to F

(*F-32) / 1.8

basic units for length, mass and volume

meter, gram, liter

Formula to find area of a box

L x W x H

Define Acid

Substance that dissociates when dissolved in water

Define Base

substance the reduces hydrogen ion concentration when dissolved in water

Define pH

measure of power of the hydrogen ion concentration in a solution.

what id pH neutral?


Define Anthocyanins

plant pigment used as pH indicator
Ex: red cabbage extract

Define Buffer

special solutions that help maintain pH by resisting changes.

3 ways to measure pH

pH meter, Anthocyanin indicators, pH paper

Know pH level with matching color

pH 2 = red
pH 3 = pink
pH 5 = violet
pH 7 = purple
pH 8 = blue
pH 12 = green

Which antacid neutralized acid best?


Define Colorimetry

Chemicals used to test for presence of marcomolecules

Define oxidation

interaction between oxygen molecules and other substances

What is Sudan IV?

used to test for lipids. Red stain

Define Emulsion

Mix of 2 or more liquids that are normally unblendable

Define Emulsifier

Stabilizes an emulsion by increasing it's kinetic energy

Define Hydrolysis

Bonds between monomers broken down by addition of water
EX: Digestion

Difference between polar and non polar

polar like water (Hydrophillic)
non-polar doesn't like water (Hydrophobic)

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