451 terms

Smurthwaite Latin III FINAL

incolo, incolere, incolui
to live in, inhabit
institutum, i N
flumen, fluminis N
for this reason, therefore
propterea quod
cultus, us M
care; culture, civilization
humanitas, humanitatis A
human nature; kindness; refinement
longissime < longe ADV
by far, far off, far away
minime saepe
least often
commeo, commeare, -avi, -atus
to come and go, go back and forth, go to visit
effemino, are, avi, atus
to make effeminate; to weaken
animus, i M
soul, spirit
pertineo, pertinere, pertinui
to reach to, extend; to pertain, refer to tend
contenenter, ADV
virtus, virtutis F
praecedo, praecedere, praecessi, praecessurus
to go in front, surpass
fere ADV
almost, approximately
cotidianus, a, um
contendo, ere, contendi, contentus
to stretch, strain, to strive, struggle
finis, finis M
end, boundary; pl: territory
prohibeo, ere, prohibui, prohibitus
to keep someone away from something
obtineo, ere, obtinui, obtentus
to control
initium, i N
contineo, ere, continui, contentus
to hold together, contain, enclose, border
attingo, ere, attigi, attactus
to touch, reach, extend up to
vergo, vergere,
incline, lie, slope, to turn, be situated, face
septentriones, septentrionum M
the seven oxen = North
extremus, a, um
outermost, farthest
orior, oriri, ortus sum
to rise, arise, begin
inferior, inferioris
occasum < occido
the setting [of the sun]
apud + acc
at the house of, near, with, among
super of dives, divitis, rich
regnum, i N
royal power, rule; kingdomd
cupiditas, cupiditatis, F
induco, inducere, induxi, inductus
to lead on, influence
coniuratio, coniurationis, F
nobilitas, nobilitatis F
civitas, civitatis F
citizenship; state, tribe
copia, ae F
supply, abundance; pl resources, forces
exirent, exire, exivi, exitus
to depart
perfacilis, is e
very easy
praesto, praestare, praestiti, praestitus + DAT
to stand out, surpass
imperium, i N
power, rule
potior, potiri, potitus sum + abl or gen
to get possession of, get control of
undique ADV
from all sides, in all directions
latus, a, um
broad, wide
altus, a, um
tall, high; deep
fio, fieri, factus sum
to happen
vagor, vagari, vagatus sum
to wander
finitimus, a, um
neighboring; as substantive: neighbor
infero, inferre, intuli, illatus
to bring, carry on, inflict on
bellum inferre
to make war on someone [in DAT]
here it means 'reason'
bello, are, avi, atus
to make war
cupidus, a, um
desirous of + gen; eager to
dolor, doloris M
pain, distress; anger, resentment
adficio, adficere, adfeci, adfectus
to do, treat, affect
in proportion to, relative to
multitudo, multitudinis F
large number, large amount
fortitudo, fortitudinis F
angustus, a, um
compressed, narrow
arbitror, ari, atus sum
to think
longitudo, longitudinis F
mille passus; milia passuum N
latitudo, latitudinis F
pateo, patere, patui
to lie open, be accessible; to sgtretch out, extend
adduco, ere, adduxi, adductus
to lead forward, lead on, influence
actoritas, auctoritatis F
permoveo, ere, permovi, permotus
to move thoroughly; to influence, prevail upon, persuade
iumentum, i N
draft animal
carrus, i M
wagon, cart
quam maximum
as . . . as possible
coemo, coemere
to buy
sementis, sementis F
planating, sowing
suppeto, suppetere, suppetivi, suppetiturus
to be at hand, be availabled
amicitia, ae F
confirmo, are, avi, atus
to strenghten, establish
biennium, i N
2 year period
profectio, profectionis F
deligo, deligere, delexi, delectus
to choose
legatio, legationis F
diplomatic mission, embassy
suscipio, suscipere, suscepi, susceptus
to undertake, take on
principatus, us M
the same thing
perfacile factu
a very easy thing to do
probo [1]
approve; to prove, demonstrate, show
perficio, perficere, perfeci, perfectus
to complete
quin + Subj
but that, that
plurimum posse
to be the most powerful
concilio, are, avi, atus
to win over, reconcile; to gain, secure
oratio, orationis F
oration, speech
fides, fidei F
faith, good faith; pledge
ius, iuris N
rightness, justice; legal power, authority
ius iurandum, iuris iurandi N
potens, potentis
spero [1]
indicium i N
information, disclosure, i.e., through an informant
enuntio, enuntiare, enuntiavi, enuntiatus
to announce, report
mos, moris M
habit, custom
moribus suis
in accordance with their customs
vinculum or vinclum i N
ex vinclis
in chains
causam dicere
to plead a case
cogo, cogere, coegi, coactus
to gather, collect; to force, compel
poenam sequi
be applied to him, to imposed on him
oportet, oportere, oportuit
it is fitting, ought
dictio, dictionis, F
pleading a case
iudicium i N
judgment; trial, court
ad + numbers
about, approximately
cliens, clientis M
client, dependent
obaeratus, i M
eodem ADV
to the same place
conduco, conducere, conduxi, conductus
to lead together, gather
eripio, eripere, eripui, erep;tus
snatch out; to rescue, save
ob + DO
because of
incito [1]
to spur on, stir up
exsequor, exsequi, excecutus sum
to follow through, carry out
magistratus, us M
official, magistrate
conscisco, consciscere, conscivi, conscitus
to approve, decide upon
sibi mortem consciverit
decided upon death for himself, i.e., committed suicide
nihilio minus ADV
in number
vicus, i M
incendo, incendere, incendi, incensus
to burn, set fire to
praeterquam ADV
beyond, besides, except
comburo, comburere, combussi, combustus
to burn up
reditio, reditionis F
spes, spei F
tollo, tollere, sustuli, sublatus
to life, raise; to pick up, take away
subeo, subire, subii or subivi, subiturus
to undergo
mensis, mensis M
molita cibaria
ground grain
quisque, quidque
each person, each one, every one
utor, uti, usus sum + abl
to sue, make use of
having made use of = having adopted, after adopting
exuro, exurere, exussi, exustus
to burn up, burn out
una ADV
oppugno, [1]
to attack
ascisco, asciscere, ascivi, ascitus
to take, receive, join
altogether, in all
with difficulty, scarcely
qua [adv]
where, by what route, along which
impendeo, impendere, impendi, impensus
to hang over
perpauci, ae, a
very few
expeditus, a, um
unimpeded, without baggage; available, convenient
paco, are, avi, atus
to pacify
nuper [adv]
fluo, fluere, fluxi, fluctus
to flow
non nullus, a, um, often written as one word nonnullus
some, several
vadum, i N
shallow place, ford
pons, pontis, M
not yet
bono animo [abl of description]
of good mind; favorable, well disposed
existimo, are, avi, atus
to evaluate, judge, consider, think
ripa, ae F
bank of a river
conor, conari, conatus sum
attempt, try
proficiscor, proficisci, profectus sum
depart, set out
contendo, contendere, contendi, contentus
stretch, draw tight
rescindo, rescindere, rescidi, rescissus
dut down, destroy
adventus, adventus M
arrival, visit
certus, a, um
certain, settled, fixed
ullus, a, um
maleficium, i N
crime, misdeed, offense
voluntas, voluntatis F
will, desire, purpose
licet, licere, licuit. IMPERSONAL
it is lawful, one has permission, it is permitted, one may, one is allowed
occido, occidere, occidi, occisus
kill, murder
pello, pellere, pepuli, pulsus
beat, drive ut
concedo, concedere, concessi, concessus
relinquish, give up; yield, submit; to allow, grant
facultas, facultatis F
means, ability
intercedo, intercedere, intercessi, intercessus
to come between; intervene, interrupt
while, until
delibero [1]
weigh, consider, deliberate
sumo, sumere, sumpsi, sumptus
take up, begin, suppose
reverto, revertere, reverti
turn back, go back
pervenio, pervenire, perveni, perventus
to arrive
legatio, legationis F
diplomatic mission, embassy
iugum, i N
tempero [1]
to refrain
praemitto, praemittere, praemisi, praemissus
to send ahead
equitatus, us M
essedarius, i
Warrior who fights from a charriot
generally, mostly
genus, generis, N
type, class
quo . . . genere
a type [of fighting] which
consuesco, consuescere, consuevi, consuetus
to become accustomed; in perfect, to be accustomed, to be in the habit
subsequor, subsequi, subsecutus sum
to follow closely, follow
prohibeo + inf
to complete
magnitudo, magnitudinis F
large size, size
altum, i N
the deep, the sea
nisi in also
except in deep water
except, lest, unless
constituo, ere, constitui, constitutus
to extablish; in military: set up, station, position
ignotus, a, um
impeditus, a, um
obstructed, impeded, hindered, burdened
onus, oneris N
burden, load
desilio, desilire, desilui, desulturus
to leap down, jump down
fluctus, us M
consisto, consistere, constiti
to halt, stand, take a stand; of soldiers, to take a position
aridum, i N
dry land, land
paulum, i N
a little
membrum, i N
notus, a, um
well known, familiar
telum, i N
coicio, coicere, coieci, coiectus
to throw
insuefactus, a, um
accustomed; trained, well-trained
pugna, ae F
imperitus, a, um
inexperienced, unskilled
alacritas, alacritatis F
speed, quickness
studium, i N
enthusiasm, zeal
pedester, pedestris, pedestre
on foot
animadverto, animadvertere, animadverti, animadversus
to observe, notice, perceive
naaves longas
galleys, warships
species, speciei, F
inusitatus, a, um
motus, motus M
usus, usus, M
onerarius, a, um
designed for cargo
remus, i M
latus, lateris N
apertus, a, um
open, unprotected
inde ADV
from there
funda, ae
sagitta, ae
tormentum, i N
propello, propellere, propuli, propulsus
to drive forward; to drive away
submoveo, submovere, submovi, submotus
to move away
figura, ae F
pedem referre
idiom: to bring one's foot back, i.e., withdraw, retreat
cunctor, ari, atus sum
to delay, hesitate
altitudo, altitudinis F
height, depth
decimus, a, um
aquila, ae F
eagle; symbol of the Roman state and Legion
contestor, ari, atus sum
to call to witness, call upon, appeal
fortunately, successfully
evenio, evenire, eveni, eventurus
to come out, turn out
prodo, prodere, prodidi, proditus
to hand over, hand down; to betray
imperator, imperatoris M
commander, general
officium, i N
duty, service
praesitero < praesto
here to provide offer
coepi, coepisse, coeptus
to begin
cohortor, ari, atus sum
to encourage
dedecus, dedecoris N
shame, disgrace
admitto, admittere, admisi, admissus
to let in; to become guilty, to commit [crime]
universus, a, um
all together
scapha, ae F
acriter [ADV]
uterque, utraque, utrumque
each [ of two], both
ab utrisque
by both sides, on both sides
ordo, ordinis M
order; military formation, rank
servo [1]
in military terms: to preserve, maintain
ordines servare
to maintain order, rank
firmiter ADV
firmly, steadily
insisto, insistere, institi
to stand on; to push forward, advance
signum, i N
sign, signal; standard
alius alia ex navi
one from one ship, [another from another]; men from different ships
quicumque, quaecumque, quodcumque
whichever, whatever
occurro, occurrere, occurri, occursus + DAT
to meet
aggrego, aggregare, aggregavi, aggregatus
to join
magnopere ADV
perturbo [1]
to disturb, confuse
vero ADV
in truth, truly, indeed; however
litus, litoris N
aliqui, aliquae, aliquod
singularis, is, e
single, one at a time, individual
speculatorius, a, um
designed for spying or scouting
incitatis equis
with their horses urged on; with their horses at full speed
adorior, adoriri, adortus sum
to rise up against, atack
navigum, i N
vessel, boat
circumsisto, circumsistere, circumsteti
to take a stand around to surround
speculatoria navigia
scouting vessels
compleo, complere, complevi, completus
to fill
subsidium, i N
assistance, aid
simul = simul atque
as soon as
got a firm footing; took a stand
consequor, consequi, consecutus sum
to catch up
impetus, us M
in fugam dare
to put to flight
too far
cursus, us M
here to reach, not to capture
in reference to, in comparison to, relative to
pristinus, a, um
former, original, previous
desum, deesse, defui, defuturus + DAT
to be missing, be lacking
supero [1]
to overcome, defeat
simul atque
as soon as
se receperunt
recovered themselves
obses, obsidis M
polliceor, polliceri, pollicitus sum
to promise
supra ADV
above, previously
demonstro [1]
to point out, show, mention
oratoris modo
in the manner of an orator
mandatum, i N
order, command
defero, deferre, detuli, delatus
to carry down; to report, deliver
comprehendo, comprehendere, comprehendi, comprehensus
to seize
culpa, ae F
fault, blame
ignosco, ignoscere, ignovi, ignotus + DAT
to forgive, pardon
queror, queri, questus sum
to complain
ultro ADV
beyond, furthermore; voluntarily, without being asked
continens, continentis F
continent, mainland
improdentia, ae F
lack of wisdom, poor judgment
longinquus, a, um
far away, distant
accerso, accersere, accersivi, accersitus
to call, summon
remigro [1]
to move back, go back
commendo [1]
to commit for protection, entrust
superior, superioris
est . . . ventum
it was arived, i.e., they arrived, the arrival took place
portus, us M
lenis, is, e
soft, gentle
solvo, solvere, solvi, solutus
to set free, release, untie; to set sail [i.e., untying the mooring ropes]
tempestas, tempestatis F
weather, storm
coorior, cooriri, coortus sum
to arise
unde ADV
from where
propius ADV
solis occasum
setting of the sun, i.e., the west
deicio, deicere, deieci, deictus
to throw down, to drive off course
ancora, ae F
necessario ADV
necessarily, of necessity
adversus, a, um < adverto
turned toward, facing, standing opposite
adversa nocte
when night was facing, i.e., when night was approaching, as night was falling
proveho, provehere, provexi, provectus
to carry forwards, carry along; in passive: move, advance, sail, put out to sea
accidit, accidere, accidit
it happens
maritimus, a, um
of the sea, maritime
aestus, us M
heat; agitation, surge, ebb and flow
maritimos aestus
efficio, efficere, effeci, effectus
to bring about, cause
incognitus, a, um
curo [1]
to take care of, arrange for
exercitum, transportandum curaverat
had arranged for the army to be transported
subduco, subducere, subduxi, subductus
to draw up from below; raise, haul up
deligo [1]
to bind, tie up
adflicto [1]
to shatter, damage severely
neque ulla . . . facultas
and no opportunity
administro 1]
to administer, manage
auxilior, auxiliari, auxiliatus sum
to help
complure, es, a
funis, funis F
armamenta, orum N PL
tackle, ship's equipment
inutilis is, e
perturbatio, perturbationis F
reficio, reficere, refeci, refectus
to make again, restore, repair
erant usui
DAT of purpose: were of use
consto, constare, constiti, constaturus
to stand together, stand firm, agree; impersonal, it is agreed
hiemo, are
to spend the winder
hiems, hiemis F
provideo, providee, providi, provisus
to foreww; to provide against, provide for
intellego, intellegere, intellexi, intellectus
to understand
paucitas, paucitatis F
small number
exiguitas, exiguitatis F
scantiness, scarcity, smallness
because of this; for this reason
commeatus, um M
going to and fro; convoy; provisions, supplies
produco, producere, produxi, productus
to lead forward
reditus, us M
intercludo, intercludere, interclusi, interclusus
to shut out, shut off, cut off
postea ADV
later on, afterwards
confido, confidere, confisus sum
to trust confidently, te assured, believe
rursus ADV
paulatim ADV
little by little, gradually
discedo, discedere, discessi, discessurus
to ge away, depart, leave
clam ADV
etsi CONJ
even if, although
eventus, us M
occurrence, event; consequence, result
intermitto, intermittere, intermisi, intermissus
to leave off, neglect; to pause, cease
suspicor, suspicari, suspicatus
to suspect
began to suspect
casus, casus M
accident, misfortune, emergency
cotidie ADV
materia, ae F
matter, material; in this context = timber
aes, aeris N
suitably, properly, appropriately, well
consuetudo, consudtudinis F
custom, habit
ex consuetudine
from custom, according to custom; as usual
frumentor, frumentari, frumentatus sum
to find food, forage
interpono, interponere, interposui, interpositus
to put between, insert, introduce
ventito [1]
to come often, keep coming, go back and forth
statio, stationis F
standing still; position, post, guard duty
pulvis, pulveris F
dust, cloud of dust
quam consuetudo ferret
than habit brought; than usual
ineo, inire, inivi or inii, initus
to go into, enter; to enter upon, begin, undertake
cohors, cohortis F
cohort, 1/10th of a legion
succedo, succedere, successi, successurus
to go under, enter; to follow, take the place of
armo [1]
to arm
armari pass inf
has a reflexive sense: to arm themselves
confestim ADV
immediately, without delay
paulo ADV
by a little, a little
procedo, procedere, processi, processurus
to go forward, advance
premo, premere, pressi, pressus
to press, press upon, press hard
uncomfortably, with dislike, with difficulty
sustineo, sustinere, sustinui, sustentus
to sustain, endure, withstand, hold out
confertus, a, um
pressed together, dense, closely packed
huc ADV
to this place, here
noctu ADV
at night
delitesco, delitescere, delitui
to conceal onself, hide
dispergo, dispergere, dispersi, dispersus
to disperse, scatter
meto, metere, messui, messus
to harvest
incertus, a, um
uncertain; disorganized
essedum, i N
Celtic/british chariot
circumdo, circumdare, circumdedi, circumdatus
to surround
perequito, perequitare
to ride through
strpitus, us M
rota, ae F`
turma, ae F
insinuo, insinuare, insinuavi
to wind one's way among, bring in
proelior, proeliari, proeliatus sum
to fight a batle
auriga, ae F
interim ADV
excedo, excedere, excessi, excessurus
to go out
currus, us M
colloc [1]
to locate, plac3
receptus, us M
a drawing back, withdrawl, retreat
pedes, peditis M
fool soldier
offer, provide
exercitatio, exercitationis F
training, practice
declivis, is, e
sloping, downhill
praeceps, praecipitis
headfirt, steep
ground, terrain
here: to control, to keep in check
moderor, moderari, moderatus sum
to control
flecto, flectere, flexi, flexus
to bend; to turn
temo, temonis M
pole, tongue [placed between horses to pull chariot
se recipere
idiom: to take oneself back, retreat
cito ADV
swiftly, quickly
novitas, novitatis F
newness, novelty
opportunus, a, um
convenient, suitable, advantageous
for indeed
se receperunt
lacesso, lacessere, lacessivi, lacessitus
to provoke, challenge
committo, committere, commisi, commissus
to bring together, join; to enter into, engage in, begin
alienus, a, um
belonging to another, foreigh; ina ppropriate, unfavorable
with time expressions intermitto = to go by, pass
nuntius, i M
messenger; message
dimitto, dimittere, dimisi, dimissus
to send away
praedico [1]
to declare publicly, report, announce
quantus, a, um
how much, how great, what a great
perpetuus, a, um
perpetual, everlasting; in perpetuum = forever
peditatus, us M
infantry, foot soldiers
celeritas, celeritatis F
quickness, speed
nancisor, nancisci, nactus sum
to get, obtain
circiter ADV
about, approximately
acies, acies F
line of battle
for too long, comp. of diu
to endure, withstand
terga vertere
to turn the backs, to turn and flee
tanto spatio
over as much distance
longe lateque
far and wide
cursu et viribus
with [their] running and strength; with their strength, at running/to run