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incolo, incolere, incolui

to live in, inhabit

institutum, i N


flumen, fluminis N



for this reason, therefore

propterea quod


cultus, us M

care; culture, civilization

humanitas, humanitatis A

human nature; kindness; refinement

longissime < longe ADV

by far, far off, far away

minime saepe

least often

commeo, commeare, -avi, -atus

to come and go, go back and forth, go to visit

effemino, are, avi, atus

to make effeminate; to weaken

animus, i M

soul, spirit

pertineo, pertinere, pertinui

to reach to, extend; to pertain, refer to tend

contenenter, ADV


virtus, virtutis F


praecedo, praecedere, praecessi, praecessurus

to go in front, surpass

fere ADV

almost, approximately

cotidianus, a, um


contendo, ere, contendi, contentus

to stretch, strain, to strive, struggle

finis, finis M

end, boundary; pl: territory

prohibeo, ere, prohibui, prohibitus

to keep someone away from something

obtineo, ere, obtinui, obtentus

to control

initium, i N


contineo, ere, continui, contentus

to hold together, contain, enclose, border

attingo, ere, attigi, attactus

to touch, reach, extend up to

vergo, vergere,

incline, lie, slope, to turn, be situated, face

septentriones, septentrionum M

the seven oxen = North

extremus, a, um

outermost, farthest

orior, oriri, ortus sum

to rise, arise, begin

inferior, inferioris


occasum < occido

the setting [of the sun]

apud + acc

at the house of, near, with, among


super of dives, divitis, rich

regnum, i N

royal power, rule; kingdomd

cupiditas, cupiditatis, F


induco, inducere, induxi, inductus

to lead on, influence

coniuratio, coniurationis, F


nobilitas, nobilitatis F


civitas, civitatis F

citizenship; state, tribe

copia, ae F

supply, abundance; pl resources, forces

exirent, exire, exivi, exitus

to depart

perfacilis, is e

very easy

praesto, praestare, praestiti, praestitus + DAT

to stand out, surpass

imperium, i N

power, rule

potior, potiri, potitus sum + abl or gen

to get possession of, get control of

undique ADV

from all sides, in all directions

latus, a, um

broad, wide

altus, a, um

tall, high; deep

fio, fieri, factus sum

to happen

vagor, vagari, vagatus sum

to wander

finitimus, a, um

neighboring; as substantive: neighbor

infero, inferre, intuli, illatus

to bring, carry on, inflict on

bellum inferre

to make war on someone [in DAT]


here it means 'reason'

bello, are, avi, atus

to make war

cupidus, a, um

desirous of + gen; eager to

dolor, doloris M

pain, distress; anger, resentment

adficio, adficere, adfeci, adfectus

to do, treat, affect


in proportion to, relative to

multitudo, multitudinis F

large number, large amount

fortitudo, fortitudinis F


angustus, a, um

compressed, narrow

arbitror, ari, atus sum

to think

longitudo, longitudinis F


mille passus; milia passuum N


latitudo, latitudinis F


pateo, patere, patui

to lie open, be accessible; to sgtretch out, extend

adduco, ere, adduxi, adductus

to lead forward, lead on, influence

actoritas, auctoritatis F


permoveo, ere, permovi, permotus

to move thoroughly; to influence, prevail upon, persuade

iumentum, i N

draft animal

carrus, i M

wagon, cart

quam maximum

as . . . as possible

coemo, coemere

to buy

sementis, sementis F

planating, sowing

suppeto, suppetere, suppetivi, suppetiturus

to be at hand, be availabled

amicitia, ae F


confirmo, are, avi, atus

to strenghten, establish

biennium, i N

2 year period

profectio, profectionis F


deligo, deligere, delexi, delectus

to choose

legatio, legationis F

diplomatic mission, embassy

suscipio, suscipere, suscepi, susceptus

to undertake, take on



principatus, us M





the same thing

perfacile factu

a very easy thing to do

probo [1]

approve; to prove, demonstrate, show

perficio, perficere, perfeci, perfectus

to complete

quin + Subj

but that, that

plurimum posse

to be the most powerful

concilio, are, avi, atus

to win over, reconcile; to gain, secure

oratio, orationis F

oration, speech

fides, fidei F

faith, good faith; pledge

ius, iuris N

rightness, justice; legal power, authority

ius iurandum, iuris iurandi N


potens, potentis


spero [1]


indicium i N

information, disclosure, i.e., through an informant

enuntio, enuntiare, enuntiavi, enuntiatus

to announce, report

mos, moris M

habit, custom

moribus suis

in accordance with their customs

vinculum or vinclum i N


ex vinclis

in chains

causam dicere

to plead a case

cogo, cogere, coegi, coactus

to gather, collect; to force, compel

poenam sequi

be applied to him, to imposed on him

oportet, oportere, oportuit

it is fitting, ought

dictio, dictionis, F

pleading a case

iudicium i N

judgment; trial, court

ad + numbers

about, approximately

cliens, clientis M

client, dependent

obaeratus, i M


eodem ADV

to the same place

conduco, conducere, conduxi, conductus

to lead together, gather

eripio, eripere, eripui, erep;tus

snatch out; to rescue, save

ob + DO

because of

incito [1]

to spur on, stir up

exsequor, exsequi, excecutus sum

to follow through, carry out

magistratus, us M

official, magistrate

conscisco, consciscere, conscivi, conscitus

to approve, decide upon

sibi mortem consciverit

decided upon death for himself, i.e., committed suicide

nihilio minus ADV



in number

vicus, i M


incendo, incendere, incendi, incensus

to burn, set fire to

praeterquam ADV

beyond, besides, except

comburo, comburere, combussi, combustus

to burn up

reditio, reditionis F


spes, spei F


tollo, tollere, sustuli, sublatus

to life, raise; to pick up, take away

subeo, subire, subii or subivi, subiturus

to undergo

mensis, mensis M


molita cibaria

ground grain

quisque, quidque

each person, each one, every one

utor, uti, usus sum + abl

to sue, make use of


having made use of = having adopted, after adopting

exuro, exurere, exussi, exustus

to burn up, burn out

una ADV


oppugno, [1]

to attack

ascisco, asciscere, ascivi, ascitus

to take, receive, join


altogether, in all


with difficulty, scarcely

qua [adv]

where, by what route, along which

impendeo, impendere, impendi, impensus

to hang over

perpauci, ae, a

very few

expeditus, a, um

unimpeded, without baggage; available, convenient

paco, are, avi, atus

to pacify

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