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idc is responsible for?

coordinating annual oral exams for active duty
making appointments for those who not meet minimal reqs
training crew on dental hygiene and appropiate diet

unknown dental class, no dental exam

class 4

patients require urgent or emergent care

class 3

Current dental exam, does not require urgent care, reqs routine work (cleaning)

class 2

Patients with current dental exam who do not require dental tx or reeval

class 1

What class is not deployable

claqss 3 and 4

what tipe of anesthesia will you give to provide intraoral anesthesia for pain arising from maxillary teeth


provides relief of pain in all teeth on one side of the mandible and the lower lip

mandibular block

Minor injury to the tooth suporting structures without abnormal loosening or displacement of the tooth


Similar to a concussion with abnormal loosening without displacement of the tooth


what should you ensure tx wise for a concussion and subluxation

dental occlusion , once evaluated splint

Displacement of your tooth is ?


how mant types of luxation are there?


displacemet of the tooth deeper in the alveolar bone.

Intrusive luxation

partioal displacement of the tooth OUT of the socket

Extrusive luxation

Displacement of the tooth in a direction othar than axially

Lateral laxation

Tx for luxations

root canal

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