58 terms

HI 102 History of Civilization Midterm Test

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Immanuel Kant
G.W.F. Hegel
Dialectic Thinking
Friederich Schleiermacher
degrade the Word of God; put emphasis on feelings
Charles Darwin
The Origin of Species
Congress of Vienna
Age of Metternich
Austria; Restore the monarchies
From homeland but born in the colonies
Married native women
Treaty of Adrianople
1829; ends Greek conflict
July Revolution
Charles X
Louis Phillipe
King of the French
revolutionary France
Louis Napoleon
Nephew of Napoleon Bonaparte; declares himself Emporer Napoleon III
Archduke Maximilian
Tried to take over Mexico (Austrian)
Belgium declares independence
Guiseppe Mazzini
Young Italy; Unification through violence
Count Cavour
modernize the Sardinian Army
Guiseppe Garibaldi
From southern Italy
Italian unification
Rome became Itialian capitol
Otto von Bismarck
first German chancellor of Prussia in 1862
Wilhelm I
first German King
Treaty of Frankfort
Ends the Franco Prussian War
Fabian Society
Sidney and Beatrice Webb
Ernest Rutherford
Father of Nuclear Science
Max Planck
Quantum theory
Neils Bohr
Model of the Atom
Albert Einstein
Theories of relativity
Luther Burbank
better agricultural products; thorn-less berries
George Washington Carver
taught at Tuskegee
Dr. Walter Reed and William Gorgas
cure yellow fever
Ferdinand von Zepplin
The Wright brothers
first successful flight December 17, 1903
April 1912
June 28, 1914
Archduke Francis Ferdinand Assassinated
World War I begins
April 1915 at Ypres
Chlorine Gas fog
Battle of Verdun
German attempt to break trough trenches
Somme Offensive
Allied attempt to relieve pressure
Russian Front
First to Mobilize, least prepared
February Revolution
takes place in Russia while the czar is away
Treaty of Brest Litovsk
Russian lost things to Germans and are now out of the war
T.E. Lawrence
unites Arabs against the Turks
General Allenby
captures Jerusalem using the Bible as his guide book
Winston Churchill
Gallipoli campaign; attack Turkey
Manfred von Richthofen
The Red Barron; German pilot
Eddie Rickenbacker
great American pilot
Paris Gun
Can shot 62-75 miles away
Submarine Threat
Germans unristricted warfare
sunk by German U-boat May 1915
Battle of Jutland
Sea battle; British won
Zimmermann Note
promised to give Mexico US land if joined the Central powers
April 6, 1917
US declare war on Germany
General John J. Pershing
Dough boys
Central Powers Collapse
President Wilson
League of Nations
Treaty of Versailles
Provisions of the Treaty of Versailles
French regain territory, Germany looses colonies, military, and admit they are responsible for war