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The Byzantine Empire weakened after the _________ captured Asia Minor

Seljuq Turks

Because they refused to worship icons, the pope excommunicated the


During the Nika Revolt, _________ persuaded Justinian to stay and defend Constantinople.


The Justinian Code preserved _________ ideas.


________ were used to express the ideas of Christianity to those who could not read the Bible.


The trade routes of Constantinople were extremely valuable to the Byzantine Empire


Which of the following events led to the formal split of the Christian Church?

The pope declared the iconoclasts as heretics and excommunicated them

Constantinople was eventually captured by

the Ottoman Turks

The Hagia Sophia is an example of the importance of religion in Byzantine culture


Theodora contributed to Byzantine law by

helping her husband to pass laws which allowed women to inherit land

The Justianian Code was the basis for _______ civil law


The Eastern Orthodox Church did not accept the authority of ______

the Pope

One of the great artistic achievements of Justinian's rule was

the development of the mosaic

Justinian used tax money to build

all of the above

The Iconoclast Controversy was about

the display of religious icons churches

The major roads in Constantinople only travel as far west as

The Golden Gate

Kievan Russia helped the Byzantine Empire maintain its trade and industry by supplying it with


Which of the following best describes the term Rus?

The medieval Russian state established by traders and warriors.

Kievan Russia was governed by princes and

councils of nobles

The Hagia Sophia is about ________ miles from the Forum of Bovis.


The taiga was one of Kievan Russia's

agricultural regions

The Pravada Russkia was introduced by

Yaroslav the Wise

Kievan Russia's conversion to Christianity resulted in a church-based culture that produced works such as the Hagia Sophia



cold, rainy agricultural region

Kiev traded all of the following goods with the Greeks EXCEPT


The steppes provide

fertile land for agriculture

The Byzantine Empire was ruled by

Orthodox church elders

agricultural life in the taiga was difficult because of the short growing season


The ________ were nobles who advised princes in Kievan Russia


veches were used to discuss important matters that effected the whole community


Justinian Code

Byzantine law based on Roman justice

Vladimir I

Christian Kievan Russian ruler

Kievan Russia traded with the _________ extensively


_______ strengthened Russia by uniting several principalities under one ruler.

Ivan III

The Poles were different from the Slavs because

they followed the western church

Which direction would you go if you were traveling FROM St. Irene TO Acropolis?


At ______________ two major roads, coming from the southwest and northwest, enter Constantinople.

the Wall of Theodosius

To get from the Palace of Blachernae to the Acropolis, one would travel along ____________.

the Golden Horn


absolute monarch or caesar

which two provinces broke away from russia and former kingdoms that were hostile to the eastern slavs

Lithuania and Poland

under the rule of justinian the byzantine empire expanded to its largest size


the first ruler of a unified russia was

Ivan III

Both peasants and farmers could become slaves under

the Mongols

the mongols remained relatively peaceful in exchange for

heavy taxation

Kiev was taken over by


Ivan III began the tradition in Russia of

absolute monarchy

which of the following statements about the expansion of russia is true

Ivan IV wanted Russia to become the third Roman empire

Before Islam, most Arabs were polytheistic.


journey of Muhammad and his followers to Medina


For Muslims, obeying Allah's will means following

the Five Pillars of Islam.

As tribes were created and organized within the Arab Peninsula, sheikhs were elected as leaders. Who was responsible for electing the sheikhs?

A council of elders

which of the following statements does not describe the caravan trade

the caravan led worshipers to Mecca during the hajj

one of the Five Pillars of Islam


Muhammad was born in Mecca


according to islam allah spoke to muhammad through the angel gabriel


Ivan I

the first Great Prince


leader of the rus

Muslim scholars and theologians organized Islam's moral rules into the _______, or code of law


chief Islamic religious authority


Which of these groups broke away from the Islamic Empire?.


The Crusades were ended by Saladin when he invaded Jerusalem in 1187 and brought an end to the Fatimid dynasty. His actions to not allow a massacre made him known as a compassionate conqueror.


Which family assumed control when the Umayyad family was defeated?


"struggle in the way of God"


all of the following occurred after muhammad's death except

his only daughter succeeded him

the golden age of the abbasid caliphate was the reign of

Harun al-Rashid

The Muslim Empire included ________ in Europe


What is the hajj

it is a pilgrimage to Mecca

The Seljuk Turks captured Baghdad


during the abbasid dynasty the council that advised the caliph was led by a prime minister known as


replaced the Umayyads


The Umayyad dynasty was replaced by the


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