20 terms

GRE 24

v. to spread negative information about
Nazi spread propaganda that --- Jews as evil people unworthy of German citizenship.
v. to give new life or energy to
The fresh mountain air --- patients at the sanatorium.
adj. (of a person) lacking in efficiency or vitality
James, a --- mama's boy, was so lazy he didn't leave his parents' house until he turned 25.

adj. unthinking and irresponsible
--- exploitation of earth natural resources will lead to environmental degradation.
n. worthless things; trash
Take these --- out of the garage and put them in the yard sale, or else throw them out.

n. lighthearted joking; banter
I know you are telling little jokes because you're nervous, but I don't appreciate this --- when we are trying to discuss something serious.
v. to anger produced by some annoying irritation
The some of lawnmowers early in the morning --- Charlotte, who was trying to sleep.

v. (of something restrictive or too tight) make (a part of the body) sore by rubbing against it
This tight lace collar --- my neck.
adj. (of a person) in the habit of doing something; accustomed
Raising early every morning, Kenny is --- to exercise before dawn.
n. the money or other means needed for a particular purpose
During the 19th century, people who lacked --- to pay were often thrown into debtor's prison.
n. hypocritical and sanctimonious talk, typically of a moral, religious, or political nature
Politicians who appeal to social conservatives often use --- to talk about how they are more moral than liberals.

n. a characteristic language of a particular group (as among thieves)
Members of drug cartels speak using ---, a secretive language that only they can understand.
n. an angle or tilt or v. to tilt or move suddenly
If you --- the pinball machine slightly, the ball will fall through this hole.
v. to make free from confusion or ambiguity
Confused about their reading, the students want to their teacher, hoping she could --- the abstruse text.
adj. impossible to understand or interpret
Looking at George's --- poker face, I could not tell what his motives are.
n. deceit used in order to achieve one's goal
The wily fox used --- to trick all the animals in the forest.
v. to deny or contradict (a fact or statement)
Creationists --- the theory of evolution proposed by biologists.
v. to spoil or impair the quality or efficiency of
People's unwillingness to recycle has --- the neighborhood recycling program.

v. to destroy or impair the legal validity of
adj. round about; not direct
Please give me a direct answer, not a --- one.
n. money paid for work or a service
The painter refuse to accept a commission unless you can promise him a --- for the task.
adj. marked by care and persistent effort
Her --- study of French paid off: now she can speak and read the language like a native.
adj. seeming unaffected by pleasure or pain
St. Stephen remained ---, even as soldiers executed him by shooting arrows at him.
v. to obtain (something that is desired) by persuading others to comply or by manipulating events
Jim --- his way to the front of the line by bribing people.
v. to argue or dispute noisily
During a fight with my brother, we --- about who should take out the trash.