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The victories of _________ united most of western Europe.


__________ was the Frankish ruler that halted the advance of the Muslims in Europe at the Battle of Tours in 732.

Charles Martel

Invasions by people such as the Muslims, Slavs, and ___________ helped break down Charlemagne's empire.


In the Frankish kingdoms, the Carolingians replaced the Merovingian dynasty during the reign of __________.

Pepin the Short

After Charlemagne's death, the Empire was raided by __________.


Which of the following statements is true of Charles Martel

Through the Battle of Tours Charles Martel was able to halt the Muslim advance

which of the following statements about the vikings is not true?

They were Germanic tribes and absorbed the Franks under one ruler

which of the following people was called emperor of the romans by the pope


Charlemagne ___________

established the Spanish March

fight which halted Muslim advancements

Battle of Tours

Pepin III was the first king of the


After Charlemagne's death his kingdom declined due to all of the following except

the Spanish March collapsed leading to a Viking invasion

The treaty of Verdun

Divided Charlemagne's empire.

The Merovingians were non-Christian Frankish kings



King of the Merovingians

In the feudal system, the person with the least power was the _______________.

Peasant serf

All of the following are reasons that peasants has short life expectancies EXCEPT:

Unjust executions of Serfs by the lord.

The _______________required peasants to share their harvests with their lords.

manorial system

In feudal lands that followed the system of primogeniture, land was passed down by fathers to __________.

eldest sons

In order to determine a person's innocence or guilt, a feudal court might use fire or water to try that person by __________.



grant of land

Primogeniture is the custom of passing on land to the

oldest son

before they could become a knight young men would learn skills by serving as pages and


the treaty of verdun contributed to the fall of charlemagnes empire


Chivalry was

a code of behavior for knights

_______ could not grant fiefs


which of the following did not contribute to the short life expectancy of serfs


Schools established by Charlemagne were

based on Roman schools



__________ were critics of the Church.


__________ occurred when someone was put out of or excluded from the church, and could not take part in the sacraments.


A __________ was a tax requiring parishioners to pay 1/10 of their income to the church.


All of the following were religious orders that were part of the Catholic Church EXCEPT:

Heretic order

__________ formed a convent in Rubertsberg, Germany and was known for composing religious music.

Hildegrad of Bingen

The lowest ranked position in the medieval church hierarchy was a __________.


___________ created what became the traditional rules for life in a monastery.

Saint Benedict

brought Catholicism to Ireland

Saint Patrick

A ________ is when the catholic church would close the church within a specific region, prohibiting worshipers from participating in the holy sacrament


Parish priests were the most powerful people in a diocese


Which of the following statements is not true

The church was influenced by rulers and bowed to government authority

the monastic rule named after __________ established the way to show one's devotion to god

St. Benedict


buying high positions in church

When the Anglo-Saxons landed on the island know today as England, they referred to it as, "________________."

Land of the English

The _________invaded England in 1066, led by William the Conquerer.


Alfred the Great

resisted Danes

By 1300 CE, France was unfied under a king.


After the Battle of Hastings, which two nations' cultures combined to create a new culture for England?

France and England

Anglo-Saxon England was conquered by William, who was from


what was edward I's most significant accomplishment

he divided the court system

at the battle of hastings the throne of england was won by

William the Conqueror

which of the following did not occur during the reign of henry i

as a symbol of loyalty, nobles were given the choice of either military service or paying fee

What was the end result of the Battle of Hastings

William the Conqueror defeated Harold's Anglo-Saxon army

The high nobles and barons revolted against this man

King John

edward i established all of the following courts except

The Court of Parliament

Under Danish rule, England did not ________

end Viking raids

The Concordat of Worms confirmed the spiritual power of the ________.


________ successfully defeated the central European invaders the Magyars.

Otto I

Henry IV and ________ fought over lay investiture.

Pope Gregory VII

Who was elected King of Germany?

Otto I

Henry IV believed that the Church was __________.

a branch of the imperial government

pope innocent ii did all of the following except

unite Italy and Germany

the reign of henry iii was considered the height of

Imperial Power

he married eleanor of aquitaine which brought conflict between france and england

Henry II

the strongest and most determined pope of the middle ages

Innocent III

he was the archbishop of canterbury during the reign of henry ii

Thomas Becket

Henry III

powerful emperor who chose several popes

the lombard league was a group of city-states that

fought frederick barbarossa

how did pope john XII reward otto i for overthrowing the roman lords

the pope crowned him emperor of the romans

the church used interdict and excommunication to maintain power over the people


The Concordat of Worms represented a victory for Henry IV


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