marxist feminist theory on gender inequality

marxist feminist theory
believe that capitalism is responsible for gender ineqaulity,
dual system theory,
triple system theory,
argued that capitalism created gender inequality because it benefits from keeping women at home as unpaid labourers
capitalist ideologies justify treating women as there reserve army of labour hired and fired in times of economic growth and recession
dual systems theory - hakim
women are excluded from work which resulted in their dependency on men,
thus women have been forced to serve men,
through the role of a mother and the domestic role they are also serving capitalism providing free labour to maintain their exploited workers
triple systems theory - walby
women are restricted through the whole of society,
structure - oppression - exploitation,
she identifies the six structures of patriarchy as;
paid employment - household production - childcare - horizontal and vertical segregation - sexual double standards - acts of male violence - patriarchal laws passed
evaluation of marxist feminist theory
reserve army of cheap labour theory doesnt explain why men and women do different jobs,
believes that men as well as capitalism also benefit from the labour of their wives
argues that women's inequality is not caused by roles in the family but by employers exploiting the work force as a whole through part time and full time labour organisation