100 terms

vocab set 2

chap 9
beatitude: (n) a state of perfect happiness or blessedness; a blessing
synonyms: bliss, rapture
antonyms: misery, despair
bête noire: (n) someone or something that one especially dislikes, dreads, or avoids
synonyms: pet peeve, bugbear, nemesis
antonyms: pet, idol
bode: (v) to be an omen of; to indicate by signs
synonyms: presage, augur, foreshadow
antonyms: N/A
dank: (adj) unpleasantly damp or wet
synonyms: clammy, moist, soggy
antonyms: dry, arid, parched, desiccated
ecumenical: (adj) worldwide or universal in influence or application
synonyms: general, comprehensive
antonyms: parochial, regional, insular
fervid: (adj) burning with enthusiasm or zeal; extremely heated
synonyms: ardent, zealous, fervent, earnest
antonyms: apathetic, indifferent, cool, blasé
fetid: (adj) having an unpleasant or offensive odor
synonyms: smelly, putrid, noisome, foul, malodorous
antonyms: fragrant, aromatic, perfumed, sweet
gargantuan: (adj) of immense size, volume, or capacity; enormous, prodigious
synonyms: huge, colossal, mammoth, gigantic
antonyms: tiny, minuscule, infinitesimal, dwarfish
heyday: (n) the period of greatest power, vigor, success, or influence; the prime years
synonyms: golden age
antonyms: formative years, twilight years, decline
incubus: (n) a demon or evil spirit supposed to haunt human beings in their bedrooms at night; anything that oppresses or weighs upon one, like a nightmare
synonyms: hobgoblin, millstone, burden
antonyms: N/A
infrastructure: (n) a basic foundation or framework; a system of public works; the resources and facilities required for an activity; permanent military installations
synonyms: base, basis, underpinning
antonyms: superstructure
inveigle: (v) to entice, lure, or snare by flattery or artful inducements; to obtain or acquire by artifice
synonyms: induce, beguile, cajole, wheedle
antonyms: N/A
kudos: (n) the acclaim, prestige, or renown that comes as a result of some action or achievement
synonyms: glory, praise, accolades
antonyms: boos, disapproval, condemnation
lagniappe: (n) an extra or unexpected gift or gratuity
synonyms: bonus
antonyms: N/A
prolix: (n) long-winded and wordy; tending to speak or write in such a way
synonyms: verbose, garrulous
antonyms: terse, laconic, succinct, pithy
protégé: (n) someone whose welfare, training, or career is under the patronage of an influential person; someone under the jurisdiction of a foreign country or government
synonyms: ward, charge, disciple, trainee
antonyms: sponsor, mentor, benefactor
prototype: (n) an original pattern or model; a primitive or ancestral form
synonyms: archetype
antonyms: copy, imitation
sycophant: (n) someone who attempts to win favors or advance him- or herself by flattery or servile behavior; a slanderer, defamer
synonyms: yes-man, toady, flunky, bootlicker
antonyms: N/A
tautology: (n) needless repetition of an idea by using different but equivalent words; a redundancy
synonyms: pleonasm
antonyms: N/A
truckle: (v) to yield or submit tamely or submissively
synonyms: kowtow, stoop, grovel
antonyms: resist, defy, stand up to
acumen: (n) keenness of insight; quickness or accuracy of judgment
synonyms: perspicacity, shrewdness, acuity
antonyms: ignorance, stupidity, obtuseness
adjudicate: (v) to act as judge in a matter; to settle through the use of a judge or legal tribunal
synonyms: arbitrate, referee, mediate
antonyms: N/A
anachronism: (n) a chronological misplacing of events, objects, customs, or persons in regard to each other
synonyms: chronological error
antonyms: N/A
apocryphal: (adj) of doubtful or questionable authenticity
synonyms: fictitious, mythical, spurious, bogus
antonyms: authentic, genuine, true
disparity: (n) a difference or inequality in age, rank, degree, amount, or quality; a dissimilarity, unlikeness
synonyms: discrepancy, incongruity
antonyms: similarity, likeness, congruity
dissimulate: (v) to hide or disguise one's true thoughts, feelings, or intentions
synonyms: dissemble, pretend, misrepresent
antonyms: reveal
empirical: (adj) derived from, dependent upon, or guided by practical experience, observation, or experiment, rather than by theory; so verifiable
synonyms: observed, experiential, pragmatic
antonyms: theoretical, hypothetical, conjectural
flamboyant: (adj) highly elaborate or ornate; vividly colored; strikingly brilliant or bold
synonyms: showy, ostentatious, florid
antonyms: staid, sedate, decorous, seemly, sober
fulsome: (adj) offensively insincere or excessive; disgusting, sickening
synonyms: inordinate, repulsive
antonyms: understated, muted, restrained, agreeable
immolate: (v) to kill as a sacrifice, especially by fire; to destroy or ronounce for the sake of another
synonyms: slay, kill
antonyms: save, rescue, preserve
imperceptible: (adj) extremely slight; incapable of being perceived by the senses or the mind
synonyms: minimal, undetectable
antonyms: conspicuous, noticeable, flagrant
lackey: (n) a uniformed male servant; a servile follower
synonyms: footman, toady, flunky, hanger-on
antonyms: lord, liege, employer, boss
liaison: (n) the contact or means of communication between groups; someone acting as such a contact; any close relationship; a thickening or binding agent used in cooking
synonyms: intermediary, channel
antonyms: N/A
monolithic: (adj) characterized by massiveness, solidness, and total uniformity
synonyms: undifferentiated, massive, dense
antonyms: diversified, variform, multifarious
mot juste: (n) the most suitable or exact word or expression
synonyms: right word
antonyms: misnomer, misusage, malapropism
nihilism: (n) a total rejection of existing laws, institutions, and moral values; extreme radicalism
synonyms: N/A
antonyms: conservatism
patrician: (n) a member of the ruling class; a person of high or noble rank or of prominent social standing; (adj) belonging to, befitting, or characteristic of such a person
synonyms: (n) aristocrat, peer, noble; (adj) highborn
antonyms: (n) peasant, commoner, plebeian
propitiate: (v) to make someone or something favorably inclined towards oneself; to conciliate, satisfy, or appease
synonyms: placate, mollify
antonyms: estrange, alienate, provoke, annoy
sic: (adv) thus so; intentionally written so
synonyms: N/A
antonyms: N/A
sublimate: (v) to redirect the energy of a biological or instinctual impulse into a higher or more acceptable channel
synonyms: rechannel, elevate
antonyms: N/A
apostate: (n) one who forsakes his or her religion, party, or cause
synonyms: renegade, defector, turncoat
antonyms: true believer, loyalist
bravado: (n) a display of false or assumed courage
synonyms: swagger, bluster, braggadocio
antonyms: mettle, bravery, pluck
consensus: (n) a collective or general agreement of opinion, feeling, or thinking
synonyms: unanimity, concord, accord, harmony
antonyms: dissension, discord, disagreement
constrict: (v) to make smaller or narrower, draw together, squeeze; to stop or cause to falter
synonyms: contract, curb, restrain
antonyms: enlarge, dilate, expand
dichotomy: (n) a division into two contradictory or mutually exclusive parts; a branching or forking in an ancestral line
synonyms: schism, division, bifurcation
antonyms: uniformity, oneness
effusive: (adj) highly demonstrative; unrestrained
synonyms: gushy, lavish
antonyms: restrained, reserved, muted, subdued
euphoria: (n) a feeling of great happiness or well-being, often with no objective basis
synonyms: elation, bliss, ecstasy, rapture
antonyms: melancholy, depression, gloom
gothic: (adj) characterized by or emphasizing a gloomy setting and grotesque or violent events; such a literary or artistic style; a type of medieval architecture
synonyms: sinister, eerie
antonyms: N/A
impasse: (n) a dead end; a position from which there is no escape; a problem to which there is no solution
synonyms: deadlock, standoff, stalemate
antonyms: N/A
lugubrious: (adj) sad, mournful, or gloomy, especially to an exaggerated or ludicrous degree
synonyms: doleful, melancholy, dismal, dolorous
antonyms: merry, jovial, hilarious, funny
metamorphosis: (n) a complete transformation, as if by magic
synonyms: change, makeover
antonyms: N/A
mystique: (n) an aura or attitude of mystery or veneration surrounding something or someone
synonyms: charisma
antonyms: N/A
non sequitur: (n) an inference or conclusion that does not follow logically from the facts or premises
synonyms: illogical reference, unsound conclusion
antonyms: N/A
parlous: (adj) full of danger or risk, perilous
synonyms: hazardous, risky, dangerous
antonyms: safe, secure, risk-free
punctilio: (n) a minute detail of conduct or procedure; an instant of time
synonyms: fine point, nicety
antonyms: N/A
quagmire: (n) soft, soggy mud or slush; a difficult or entrapping situation
synonyms: fen, marsh, bog, morass
antonyms: bedrock, solid footing, terra firma
quixotic: (adj) extravagantly or romantically idealistic; visionary without regard to practical considerations
synonyms: fanciful, impractical, utopian
antonyms: realistic, down-to-earth, pragmatic
raconteur: (n) a person who tells stories and anecdotes with great skill
synonyms: storyteller, anecdotist
antonyms: N/A
sine qua non: (n) an essential or indispensable element or condition
synonyms: necessity, requisite, desideratum
antonyms: N/A
vendetta: (n) a prolonged feud, often between two families, characterized by retaliatory acts of revenge; any act motivated by vengeance
synonyms: blood feud, rivalry
antonyms: N/A
apposite: (adj) appropriate; suitable; apt
synonyms: relevant, pertinent, material, germane
antonyms: irrelevant, immaterial, inappropriate
augur: (n) a prophet or seer; (v) to predict, foreshadow
synonyms: (n) oracle; (v) bode
antonyms: N/A
bilk: (v) to defraud, cheat, or swindle; to evade payment of; to frustrate, thwart
synonyms: dupe, cozen
antonyms: N/A
charisma: (n) the special personal magnetism that makes an individual exceptionally appealing to other people; a divinely bestowed gift or power
synonyms: appeal, charm, mystique
antonyms: N/A
debilitate: (v) to make weak or feeble
synonyms: enervate, sap, exhaust, enfeeble
antonyms: strengthen, fortify, invigorate
execrable: (adj) utterly detestable, hateful, or abhorrent; extremely inferior
synonyms: odious, abominable, reprehensible
antonyms: commendable, praiseworthy, meritorious
impinge: (v) to strike against or collide with violently; to encroach or obtrude upon; to make an impression upon
synonyms: horn in, affect
antonyms: N/A
labyrinth: (n) a bewildering maze; any confusing or complicated situation
synonyms: tangle, mystery, enigma
antonyms: N/A
narcissism: (n) excessive self-love; absorption in oneself
synonyms: egotism, conceit, vanity, amour propre
antonyms: N/A
niggardly: (adj) stingy; meanly small or insufficient
synonyms: tightfisted, penny-pinching, mean
antonyms: generous, bountiful, magnanimous
pastiche: (n) a dramatic, musical, or literary work made up of bits and pieces from other sources; a hodgepodge
synonyms: medley, patchwork, melange, potpourri
antonyms: N/A
precarious: (adj) very uncertain or unsure; dangerous or risky
synonyms: perilous, dubious, ticklish
antonyms: secure, safe, sturdy, firm
rapport: (n) a close and harmonious relationship
synonyms: bond, tie, affinity, understanding
antonyms: N/A
utilitarian: (adj) stressing practicality over other considerations; relating to the belief that what is good or desirable is determined purely by its usefulness
synonyms: practical, functional, pragmatic
antonyms: nonfunctional, ornamental, decorative
vacuous: (adj) devoid of matter, substance, or meaning; lacking ideas or intelligence; purposeless
synonyms: inane, insipid, fatuous, void, empty
antonyms: incisive, trenchant, perceptive, intelligent
vagary: (n) an unpredictable, erratic, or seemingly purposeless action, occurrence, or notion
synonyms: caprice, whim, quirk
antonyms: N/A
viable: (adj) capable of living or developing under normal circumstances
synonyms: practicable, workable, feasible
antonyms: impracticable, unworkable, unfeasible
xenophobia: (n) undue or unreasonable fear, hatred, or contempt of foreigners or strangers or of what is foreign or strange
synonyms: provinciality, parochialism, chauvinism
antonyms: N/A
zany: (adj) clownish or funny in a crazy, bizarre, or ludicrous way; (n) one who plays the clown
synonyms: (adj) comical, daffy; (n) buffoon
antonyms: (adj) sedate, decorous, prim, sober, grave
zealot: (n) a fanatical partisan; an ardent follower
synonyms: fanatic, extremist
antonyms: N/A
accolade: (n) praise or approval; a ceremonial embrace or greeting
synonyms: kudos, acclaim, cheers, plaudits
antonyms: boos, disapproval, censure, criticism
acerbity: (n) sourness or bitterness of taste; harshness or severity of manner or expression
synonyms: acidity, astringency, mordancy, asperity
antonyms: blandness, mellowness, mildness
attrition: (n) the process of wearing down by friction or gradual impairment
synonyms: abrasion, erosion, exhaustion, reduction
antonyms: augmentation, proliferation, enlargement
bromide: (n) a trite or commonplace remark; a tiresome or boring person; a sedative
synonyms: cliché, platitude
chauvinist: (adj) extravagantly patriotic; blindly devoted to a cause; (n) such a person
synonyms: (n) superpatriot, flag-waver, jingoist
antonyms: N/A
chronic: (adj) continuing over a long period of time or recurring often
synonyms: recurrent, persistent, inveterate, habitual
antonyms: transitory, transient, sporadic
expound: (v) to explain in detail
synonyms: elucidate, explicate, delineate
antonyms: N/A
factionalism: (n) party strife and intrigue
synonyms: infighting, dissension
antonyms: unanimity, harmony, agreement, consensus
immaculate: (adj) spotless; without blemish or fault
synonyms: unsoiled, impeccable
antonyms: blemished, tarnished, stained, sullied
imprecation: (n) a curse; the act of cursing
synonyms: execration, malediction
antonyms: blessing, benediction
ineluctable: (adj) not able to be avoided, changed, or overcome
synonyms: unavoidable, inescapable, inevitable
antonyms: avoidable, escapable, reversible, revocable
mercurial: (adj) characterized by rapid and unpredictable changes of mood; fickle or inconstant
synonyms: erratic, flighty, capricious, volatile
antonyms: phlegmatic, sluggish, constant, steady
palliate: (v) to make less serious or severe by glossing over; to relieve without actually curing, mitigate
synonyms: alleviate, extenuate
antonyms: intensify, magnify, aggravate
protocol: (n) customs and regulations dealing with official behavior and etiquette, as in a court or among diplomats; a type of international agreement; a memorandum, official account, or record
synonyms: code of conduct, minutes
antonyms: N/A
resplendent: (adj) shining or gleaming brilliantly; splendid or magnificent
synonyms: radiant, dazzling, glorious
antonyms: dull, drab, lusterless
stigmatize: (v) to brand or mark as in some way discreditable, disgraceful, or ignominious
synonyms: sully, taint, disgrace
antonyms: whitewash, laud, extol
sub rosa: (adv) in secret; confidentially; privately; (adj) secretive
synonyms: (adv) secretly, covertly, stealthily, furtively
antonyms: (adv) overtly, openly
vainglory: (n) excessive pride in and boastfulness about one's own accomplishments or qualities; a vain show or display
synonyms: vanity, conceit, swagger, pretentiousness
antonyms: humility, modesty, diffidence
vestige: (n) a trace or visible evidence of something that once existed but now is lost or vanished
synonyms: artifact, relic, remains
antonyms: N/A
volition: (n) the power to choose, will, or decide; the act of choosing, willing, or deciding
synonyms: free will, choice
antonyms: coercion, compulsion, duress