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Dental Assistant

Mouth Mirror
has detachable handle
-used to view the oral area, reflect light into the oral cavity and retract tongue and oral tissues
-protect oral mucosa from injury
double-ended instrument witha probe on opposite end
- hook like instrument with a shap pointed working end
-used to detect breaks in the enamel of tooth
long blunt working end
-psr (periodontal screening and recording)_______
-end is marked by milimeter incriments 1-10
-measures periodontal pockets
Diagnostic aids
Digital images/radiographs
electric pulp tester
Digital images/radiographs
use to detect dental conditions that may not be visible to the naked eye
-small negative photos
Electric pulp tester
-measure the vitality of pulp using controlled electrical charges
-helpful in diagnosing for root canal therapy in endodontics
Cotton Forceps
tweezer like instruments use to place cotton pellets, meds and dressing in the oral cavity
-transport small items (wedges) to and from mouth
Aspirating syringe
used for administering local anesthetic
-consist of thumb ring, finger grip, piston rod, harpoon, barrel, threaded tip
-use disposable needles
- larger the gauge # the smaller the needle is
-long needles=mandibular
-short needles=maxillary
Apiration action
ensures anesthetics is not injected into the blood stream
-pull back on thumb ring, creating negative pressure
Anesthetic Carpule
glass cartridge containing anesthetics
-placed into the barrel of the aspirating syringe
Sharps container
Needles, carpules and any other potentially sharp disposables must be discarded in the ____________
- pucture resistant, closable, leak proof, color coded and labeled with the biohazard symbol
Rubber dam
thin rubber square sheet
-comes in different thickness
- made of latex and non latex
used to isolate the tooth or teeth being worked on from the rest of the mout. this helps to increase operator visiblity and aids infection control practices by acting as a protective barrier
-protects patients oral tissue and prevetion of swallowing a foreign material
Rubber dam Punch
punch hole in rubber dam
-different sizes
rubber dam frame
u shaped frame for rubber dam
rubber dam clamps
anchoring and stabilizing the rubber dam to the arch
-sizes and shapes vary according to the arch and type of tooth posterior to the treatment site
rubber dam clamp forceps
rubber dam clamps are place and removed with this item
dental floss used to attached to the clamp just incase the clamp flies off and patient starts choking on it
- can be ysed for inverting rubber dam material mesially and distally
used to inver the rubber dam facially and lingually
made of chrome and teflon which doesnt stain resin material
Round tip scissors
used to cut the RD material at the interproximal areas
cotton tipped applicator
used to take topical anesthetic from the container and apply to mouth
dappen dish
multipurpose glass container that can be used to hold medications, burs, cotton pellets
made of stainless steel or plastic
-used to mix materials
Articulating paper & forceps
forceps used to hold cabron paper that can be used to check patients bite, high restorations, sealants, crowns and FPD and full dentures
VLC shade Guide
use to compare the patients natural tooth color with
in order to choos the correct color of restorative material for anterior teeth
Dycal Instrument
used to mix and place dycal, a pulp protector in cavity prep
2 types of hand pieces
low and high
high speed handpieces
-removes bulk of tooth structure during cavity prep
-run 450,000 rpms is equiped with a water spray cuz of friction heat
-comes with fiberoptic light
- usually uses friction grip burs
Low speed handpieces
for finishing and polishing and contouring procedures
-removes carries at slow rate
-runs at 25,000 rpm
consist of a motor and a ttachment
contra angle
design to allow the operator intraoral access with esaier adaption to tooth surface
-can recieve latch type and triction grip burs and mandrels
Straight attachment
use long smooth shank burs
-ideal for grinding, adjusting and polishing dental appliances
Rotary instruments
accessories such as burs and a mandrel that are intended for use with a dental hand piece
-vary in shap and sizes
excavating bur
used to make cuts into th tooth to remvoe caries, old restoration material, and make cavity prep
Round burs
used for the intial cut of cavity prep and caries removal
pear shaped burs
used for moderate to large occlusual caries
inverted cone burs
make undercuts for retention groves and smooth the walls of the cavity prep
Straight fissure burs
used to remove old amalgam restorations
taper fissure burs
used to propare the walls of the cavity prep
finishing burs
used to recreate the tooth anatomy in the restorative material
used with low speed hand piece
-designed to hold disks and wheels (abrasive disk
spoon excavator
removes soft dentin, debris and caries from the tooth
used to smooth the enamel margin of cavity preps on anterior teeth
gingival margin trimmers
designed specifally for mesial and distal surfaces
Tofflemire retainer
holds stainless steel matrix together
- consist of inner knob, outer knob, spindle, frame, guide slot
disposable accessory that from a wall/box around a tooth to hold the filling material
-used on posterior teeth
Auto matrix
used when there is less tooth structure remaining after prepping a cavity
-can be metal or plastic
Celluloid strip
clear plastic strip that holds resin material on anterior teeth
triangular disposable accessories used with a matrix
-made of wood or plastice
-small vary in sizes
help contour the matrix to the tooth anatomy
-help reduce gingical irritation due to over hangs/excessive restorative material
amalgam instruments
silver colored restorative material that is used on posterior teeth
Amalgam carrier
carries amalgam material for prep
-double eneded having a larger and smaller diameter on opposite ends
Amalgam condenser
flat working ends
- variety in diameter
-packs amalgam into cavity prep
amalgam well
made of metal and has non skid base
- newly mixed amalgam is placed in here until need use and picked up by amalgam carrier
amalagam retention pins
used when there may not be enough natural tooth structure
-can provide retentionfor teeth in this condition
vary in style and width and have deep threads that grip the dentin when screwed in
used to carve or recreate the thooth anatomy on amalgam restorations
Interproximal carver
-thin rounded working ends , cand be used on M D F L
used to carve occlusal surface
-double ended, one is disc shped the other is shaped like a spade
hollen back
used on M D F L surfaces has working end that are pointed
Wall carver
double ended, carves the O ssurfaces
-square on one side and rounded on the other
used to smooth or buff amalgam restorations
- several types (small and large ball)
burnisher (football shaped)
Anatomical burnisher
acorn shaped
- used to regine pits and fissures
finishing aids
used to smooth restorations
-abrasive disk
abrasive stones
abrasive disk
like sand paper
used to smooth out restorations
abrasive stones
used to polish amalgam restorations