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Study of small living organisms
-pacteria, special fungi like molds and yeast, protozoa, certain algea, viruses


one celled mivro organism enclosed by a cell walll

3 bacteria shapes

spherical spaed (cocci)
rod shpaed (bacilli)
spirochetes (spiral)


require oxygen to grow (destroyed if there is no oxygen)


grows without osygen present (destroyed by oxygen)

facultative anaerobes

grow in both stages with and without osygen

Gram stain

analyze and identify bacteria using special dye and divides bacteria into two groups

gram positive

blue/purple color

gram negative



fromed by bacteria / protective layer covering the call wall
-resist the defense mechanism
-may prevent antibiotics from working and are generally virulant


causing serious disease


highly resistant single celled
-hibernate, inactive
most resistant form of life

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