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What was one of the weapon technologies that emerged during the Crusades?


The Third Crusade ended in a truce between King Richard I and Saladin which promised that Christian Crusaders would not be slaughtered, but they could not enter Jerusalem freely either.


During the Third Crusade, who was the Muslim's military commander who helped to regain control of the Holy Land?


All of these leaders were involved in the fight to regain control over the Holy Land during the Third Crusade EXCEPT

King Philip II

By the end of the First Crusade, the Christians controlled


failed attempt by king louis VII and king conrad iii to recapture cities

second crusade

led to crusaders being sold into slavery

Children's Crusade

men joined the crusades for all of the following reasons except

to repay debt to kings and lords

the crusades helped make italy into a trading power


the crusades finally came to an end when muslims captured the last christian stronghold of


resulted in a truce reached by king richard i and saladin

third crusade

which of the following events did not result from at least one of the crusades?

King Louis VII and King Conrad III captured Damascus

the crusades were fought for the control of several cities and ports but the main target was


after negotiating a truce with richard saladin

allowed christians to enter jerusalem freely

Genoa, Pisa, and Venice were important medieval trading centers found in __________.


Europeans wanted luxury goods, manufactured goods, fruit and grain from


The __________ became the prime way of manufacture during the Middle Ages.

domestic system

Bills of __________ made it easier for merchants to do business in different locations because they could be cashed in various cities.


Taxes were put on items sold at street fairs during the Middle Ages. This tax money went to rulers to help

protect the merchants

early merchants sold their goods

at fairs

what was the domestic system

the domestic system allowed people to manufacture goods in their own homes

making a profit by lending money is


pope urban ii called on europeans to join a crusade against

Seljuq Turks

medieval merchants were able to finance their work through

Gathering partners to invest

banks helped international trade by allowing merchants access to money in different locations


the most important purpose of early banks was

money lending

Fairs were an important part of a

barter economy

europeans were in control of constantinople at the end of

The Fourth Crusade

The first step to becoming a guild member was to be

an apprentice

___________ gave townspeople freedom from ever having to work on a manor.


Which of the following best describes the barter system?

An economic system in which goods and services are traded for other goods and services.

Guilds brought ___________ to medieval society.


Workers revolted to earn _____________.

the right of collective bargaining

the investment of capital is one of the marks of a market economy


looked to the middle class for advice taxes and to fill jobs


increased trade in the middle ages helped the black death spread quickly around the world


Lives with a master craftsman


Which of the following statements describes the role of craft guilds

Craft guilds set wages, hours and working conditions for workers

Merchants and master workers made up the __________ in medieval society

middle class

pope urban ii granted the byzantine emperor help against the seljuq turks because

the Seljuq Turks had control of the Holy Land

By the end of the 1200s the economy was _______.

in a recession

Technological advances made during the Middle Ages included all of the following except


____________ architecture expressed a desire to reach to the heavens.


an architectural style that was considered dark and gaudy


Organized like guilds


townspeople, except for serfs, won some rights from manor lords.


Craft guilds set rules for

Skilled workers

combination of faith and reason


a troubadour would most likely perform in __________


During the Middle Ages the _________ was improved

both a and c

series of short and comic stories written in rhyme


In the 1400s ___________ began sea exploration to the east to avoid trade routes controlled by the Islamic empires.


The Habsburg family rose to power and took control of the

Holy Roman Empire

During the Hundred Years' War, Joan of Arc

as a French woman, she sided with Charles VII and led French troops to victory in Orleans, helping to unite France and end the Hundred Years War.

___________ and ____________ reacted negativly to Ferdinand and Isabella's unification of Spain.

Jews and Muslims

a fight for control of the English throne

War of the Roses

louis XI

established strong monarchy

defeated King Richard III of York in the War of Roses

Henry Tudor

which of the following best summarizes the outcomes of the hundred years war

England won most of the battles, but it was France who won the war

Which of the following was a fight for control of the English throne

War of the Roses

controlled finance and passed laws in France

French Estates General

A united Spain

Ordered all non-Chrisitians out of the city

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