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They were nomadic desert herders and they moved across the Arabian peninsula looking for fertile land.

Who are the Bedouins and where did they go?

Land and Water

What did the Bedouins fight over?

Because Muhammad was born there, popular pilgrimage area and crossroads of many cultures.

Why is Mecca an important town in Islam?

Many statues and relics of other religions

Why was Mecca a popular pilgrimage town?

Temple that housed statues of gods and goddesses

What was the Kaaba used for?

He worked as a Shepard and a Merchant. He also had a successful caravan business.

What was Muhammad's working career like?

He was upset with Mecca as an idol so he went to a cave and worshiped there.

Why was Muhammad upset and where did he go?

The angel Gabriel came to him and asked him to be god's messenger and Muhammad accepted and created a new nation.

What happened to Muhammad at the age of 40?

At first a couple of people followed it.

How successful was the new religion?

Mecca's merchants feared it so they plotted to kill Muhammad

How did Mecca react to the new religion?

Medina (Yathrib)

Where did Muhammad go to after mecca?


What is Muhammad's trip to Medina called?

Many Arabs converted to Islam, It also brought people to clans.

How did people in Medina react to the new religion?

Clans were brought to peace.

What kinds of people bonded over Islam?

They fought over it but after many battles Mecca won.

How did Mecca react to Medina becoming more Muslim?


What did Muhammad grant to those who fought him?

Unite Arabs under Islam

What did Muhammad try to do during the last two years of his life?

Declaration of faith, Prayer, Charity, Fasting during Ramadan, Pilgrimage to Mecca (Hajj)

What are the 5 pillars?

Muslim law, It regulates moral conduct, family life, business, government, applies religion to law, unites Muslims under common law

What is the Sharia and what does it dictate?

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