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What is a nucleotide? What are the 3 parts?

A nucleotide is the repeating unit (monomer)of nucleic acids (DNA/RNA). The parts of DNA are deoxyribose sugar, phosphate and a nitrogeneous (nitrogen containing) base (ATCG). The parts for RNA are a ribose sugar, phosphate and a nitrogenous base (ATCG).

Describe the structure of DNA

DNA is a double helix or sprial staircase.

What holds the bases together in the middle of the helix?

Hydrogen Bonds (bonds between a hydrogen on one base and a nitrogen or oxygen on the complementary base).

Which DNA bases are complementary?


What does anti-parallel mean?

One strand of DNA is upside down in relation to the other.

What did Hershey and Chase show with their famous blender experiment?

They provided strong evidence that DNA was genetic material.

What did Griffith Show?

Griffith showed that something (later determined to be DNA)
transformed a harmless rough strain bacteria into a deadly smooth strain.

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