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Transparent tissue covering iris + pupil.
Provides physical barrier protecting inside of eye.
Refracts about 2/3 of light.


Opening that allows light to pass through.
More light = smaller pupil and vice versa.


Coloured part of eye.
Circle of muscle that regulates size of pupil.


White of the eye.
Provide place for eye muscles to attach to.


Convex, refracts light + focuses it on back of retina.


Membrane lining inside of eye.
Contains photo receptor cells rods and cones.
Change light to electrical signals.

Optic Nerve

Pathway that light rays take from retina to optical lobe.

Aqueous Humour

Fluid found in front part of eye between iris and cornea. Provides nourishment, responsible for maintaining eye pressure.

Vitreous Humour

Clear gel that fills central core of eye.
Helps maintain spherical shape.

Path of Light

Cornea - Aqueous Humour- Lens - Vitreous Humour - Retina - Optic Nerve - Brain (optical lobe).

Blind Spot

Area of retina with no photo receptor cells.


Responsible for black + white vision, helps us see shapes.


Allow us to detect colour. Three different types (red, blue, green).

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