10 terms

MKC1 Exam

constitutes a message channel
outlet for delivering a message, such as face to face, written, electronic, etc.
difference between encoding and decoding
encoded by translating it into understandable terms and transmitting it through a communications channel. A message is decoded by the interpretation of the message.
4 most common barriers to communication- overcome them?
Noise and distractions, competing messages, filtering of messages, channel breakdowns. Decode messages, minimize distractions, respond to messages, minimize distractions.
role does feedback play in successful communication
Feedback is the receiver's response to a message.
ensure effective oral communication
Analyze the situation, select the medium, organize the information.
enhance oral communication
Know the location, consider the audience, adapt the content.
role does nonverbal communication play in an organization
Complements verbal communication and helps to convey information efficiently.
How does the nature of your audience affect design of an oral presentation?
You must know your audience and structure your presentation and design accordingly
difference between how formal and informal organizations communicate
Formal communication is upward, downward and horizontal. Informal communication is through unofficial lines or through the grapevine.
How can knowledge management systems be used as an organizational communication tool?
They can assist in conducting secondary research inside the company.