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School-age Growth

- About 2 inches per year
- 4-6 lbs per year

School-age Sleep

- Rarely takes naps

6-7 year old: Language

2000 words

Trouble with s, l & r

7-8 year old: Language

No reversal of letters

8-9 year old: Language

Recognize and correct spelling and grammar

12 year old: Language

4000 words

Learn correct syntax

Caloric needs 6-12 years: Boys

16-17 kcal/cm

Caloric needs 6-12 years: Girls

13-14 kcal/cm

School-age Development - Erikson

Industry vs. Inferiority

Development of life's more formal skills
Cooperation, competition, coping

School-age Development - Piaget

Concrete Operations

Moral development

School-age Social Development

Identification with peers

Boys associate with boys and girls with girls

School-age Development of Self-Concept & Sexuality

Self concept
Body image
Self esteem
Sex education

Moral Development: Early School Age

Judge an act based on conseuences of reward and punishment

Moral Development: Older School Age

Judge and act based on intention, not just consequences

School-age play: Quiet games

Board games
Computer games

School-age: Dental Health

Develop adult teeth

Lose 4 per year
6 year molars
32 permanent teeth

School-age: Response to Pain

May see all behaviors of young child, especially during painful procedure, but less in anticipatory period

School-age: Signs of Stress

-Recurring stomach pains or headache
- Aggressive or stubborn behavior
- Regression to earlier behaviors (i.e thumb sucking)
- Reluctance to particpate

School-age: Signs of Stress

- Sleep problems
- Changes in eating habits
- Bed-wetting


Period that begins towards the end of middle childhood and ends with 13th bday

Childhood obesity: Defined

Defined as BMI at or above the 95th percentile for children of the same age and sex

Childhood obesity: Interventions

Encourage diet and exercise, lifestyle habits begin at this age!!

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