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Random selection of Irish Music terms


An Irish violin


A long held note under the main melody (usually associated with the Uilleann Pipes)

Double Stopping

The practice of playing two notes together on the fiddle


Micheal O'Domhnaill was an excellent accompanist on the ???


The type of strings used in the newer harp, gives a softer sound.


An melody instrument in traditional music played like a guitar that also features heavily in county (American) music


A _______ flute allows you to play more notes than a non-keyed flute

Uilleann Pipes

Air is pumped through the instrument by filling the bellows using your underarm strenght. What instrument is this?


The type of accordion most popular in Ceili Bands is the _________ accordion


A dance is 6/8 time


A dance in 9/8 time


A dance that we can use humpty dumpty to sing along too

Slow Air

An Irish tune that we can't dance too


The way in which traditional musicians put their own stamp on the music by using extra notes or changing the music slightly


Irish Music usually has a ____________ form


Irish Music has little or no change in _____________ during each performance


Irish Music tunes can be said to be __________ meaning they use a flattened 7th


Means old style" singing"


The sound of your head voice, not your chest/tummy voice

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