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Condition in hwich there are short periods of pain initiated by external stimulus like heat or cold but resolve after stimulus is removed

reversible pulpitis

Tx for reversible pulpitis

Removal of stimuli
motrin 800 mg
dry site with cotton pellets and pack with zink oxide ane eugenol

If revrsible pulpitis is not treated it can become

irreversible pulpitis

Condition which have spontaneous episodes of pain due to temp changes and does not go away with removal of the stimuli

irreversible pulpitis


root canal

If the patient has an infection after a root canal what is the tx

PEN VK 500mg
if allergic clyndamicin or metro

unresolved pulpitis will result in

pulpal necrotis

discolored tooth, may look gray...

pulpal necrosis

pulpan necrosis if left untreated it can cause what condition

acute apical abcess

Accumalation of pus in the pulp cavity and drainage into the apical foramen and into the alveolar bone

acute apical abcess

tx for acute apical abcess

i&d, abx, analgesics

a DIFFUSE spreading of inflamation of the connective tissue that usually result from a bacterial infection


Localized area of pus formation originating from inflammation in the peridontal pocket

acute periapical perodontitis

this condition can be expected immediatly upon removal of the tooth.

post op hemorrhage

delayed hemorrhage results from

displacement of a clot

Patient complaining of metallic taste in mouth he had a tooth removal 2 days ago what can you give him

tell him to bite down on tea bag, or gauze

condition peculiar to the mandibular molars(wisdom teeth) pain that refers to the ears after tooth extraction. Exam shows bone exposed in socket what is the condition and tx

alveolar osteitis (dru socket)
eugenol strips

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