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WD3 - Creating a Business Letter with a Letterhead and Table

Terminology flashcards for the Microsoft Word 2010 Chapter 3: Creating a Business Letter with a Letterhead and Table chapter in the Microsoft Office 2010 section of the CIS 110 text for Johnston Community College.
adjustment handle
A yellow diamond used to change an object's shape
AutoFormat As You Type
Feature where Word formats for you
Solid line on the edge of a paragraph
building block
Where you can store text and graphics to use frequently
business document
Professional, organized appearance, and concisely conveys a message
business letter
Includes requests, inquires, confirmations, acknowledgments, etc.
Intersection of a row and column
clear formatting
Returning to Normal style
clip art
A predefined graphic
Clip Organizer
Contains a collection of clip art, photographs, sounds, and videos
column boundary
Border to the right of a column
date line
Business letter element that consists of month, day, and year
Number of rows and columns in a table
drawing object
A graphic you create using Word
end-of-cell mark
A formatting mark that you use to select and format cells
end-of-row mark
A formatting mark that you can use to add columns to the right of a table
floating object
An object that can be positioned at a specific location in a document
Grow Font button
Button that increases the font of selected text
inline object
An object that is part of a paragraph
inside address
Business letter element that contains job title, full name, and business affiliation
Preprinted stationery that a company uses
Lock aspect ratio
Check box that maintains the size proportions of a graphic when resized
Merge Cells button
Button used to merge selected table cells
nonbreaking hyphen
Prevents hyphenated words from being split at the end of a line
nonbreaking space
Prevents two words from being split at the end of a line
rotate handle
A green circle that will rotate an obect in the direction you drag the mouse
row boundary
Border to the bottom of a row
signature block
Business letter element allowing for the author to sign his or her name
tab character
Formatting mark that appears in empty space between tab stops
tab stops
Location on the horizontal ruler that tells Word where to position the insertion point when you press TAB
A collection of rows and columns
table resize handle
Small square that appears at bottom right of a table
Similar to a form with prewritten text