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which of the following consists of studying greek and roman literature


Italian renaissance artists used science and techniques such as ____________ to create realistic paintings


which influential writer of the renaissance wrote sonnets to laura

Francesco Petrarch

he wrote the book of the courtier

Baldassare Castiglione

he studied anatomy to improve his paintings

Leonardo da Vinci

believed a person should be educated and lead a meaningful life


financially supports an artist


painted the sistine chapel and st. peter's basilica


Who became known as the Patron of the Arts

Lorenzo Medici

_______ criticized the Catholic church in his book, The Praise of Folly.


Painters such as Jan and Hubert van Eyck and Brueghel were part of a group known as the ______ School.


Thomas More's book, Utopia, was a response to England's _______.

severe economic problems.

Thomas more the author of utopia condemned government and embraced private ownership


was the first to see the possibilities of illustrations in printed books

Albert Durer

how did thomas more's utopia differ from desiderius erasmus' praise of folly

Utopia condemned the government and Praise of Folly spoke against the Pope

the church's interpretation of the bible was ridiculed in what work

Praise of Folly, by Desiderius Erasmus

william shakespeare built on the literary traditions of

Christopher Marlowe

thomas more studied early christian writings and criticized the church


which of the following does not describe northern artist of the renaissance

they depicted human figures based on greek and roman art with an admiration of the human form

which of the following statements correctly identifies a fundamental difference among renaissance artists in the North and those in Italy

Italian artists inspired by classical greek and roman art idealized the human form whereas northern artists focused on man's imperfections

the technique that creates an illusion of depth within a image on a flat canvas is known as



Dutch scholar who criticized the church

Who developed the idea of indulgences?

Johann Tetzel

Calvinists believed that ___________ determined salvation.


All of the following caused religious dissent EXCEPT

dismissing classics in favor of Christian teachings

The motivation for Luther's 95 theses was the selling of _______.


Calvinists believed that a strictly disciplined life led to salvation.


Luther's ideas spread quickly because of

the printing press

Martin Luther emphasized the authority of ____________ over the authority of the Pope.

the bible


government ruled by religious leaders

what was the institutes of the christian religion

a clear set of beliefs for the new protestant church in Switzerland

john calvin was a french protestant who founded

the Protestant Church in Switzerland

selling indulgences was a way for the pope to raise money


Calvinists believed that

Some people were predestined for salvation

writers such as shakespeare and marlowe focused on

human actions and emotions

who or what did martin luther see as the sole religious authority

the Bible

The Index of Forbidden Books was a part of the Catholic church's efforts to start a __________.


The _________ led foreign missions for the Catholic Church.


________ was not a reform implemented by the Catholic Church.

Increasing the price of indulgences

All of the following statements about the Jesuits are true EXCEPT:

The Jesuits were fully recognized and accepted as part of the Protestant Church.

The Council of Trent clarified the Catholic Church's position on issues such as the importance of ceremony.


the reformation and counter reformation led to

less religious tolerance

of the countries listed below only ___________ did not remain catholic during the reformation


due to the reformation england became


luther helped popularize his faith by printing a german language bible


Luther's teachings

decreased the role of the clergy

jesuits combined catholic beliefs with _______ beliefs


all of the following refer to the same religious order except

Holy Inquisition

which of the following statements about the council of trent is false

it determined that the bible, not the clergy, was the sole religious authority

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