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Chapter 3 The Wide World of Sports and Entertainment Marketing


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Direct economic impact
the total of new spending resulting from the event or attraction
Domestic visitors
U.S. tourists
web magazines that focus on a sport
responsible travel to natural areas that conserves the environment and sustains the well being of the local people
writer who writes a celebrity's story in book form for a fee
international economic relationships
Indirect economic impact
the portion of the money spent by visitors on local goods and services that is in turn spent locally by employers and employees
a group of organizations involved in producing or handling the same product or type of services
Industry norm
the average expectation within an industry
Industry standards
the guidelines and goals set for different entertainment industries
water, sewer, roadways, and all other underlying framework
Joint venture
two organizations share the costs and profits of a business; one of the organizations may be a government
Literary agent
person an author hires who, for a percentage of the book sales, plans the marketing campaign and personal appearances
Niche travel
recreational travel or tours planned around a special interest
theft of copyrighted material
a payment to the author of a book of 10 percent or more of the price of every copy sold
Sustainable tourism
enjoying while at the same time preserving natural environments so that they may also be enjoyed in the future
traveling for pleasure, either independently or with a tour group; includes vacations, family visits, and attending conventions or sports and entertainment events
Travel trade
companies and individuals who create and market tours