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CNS class


Is an interconnected collection of computes,computer-related equipment,and communication devices.

Local Area Network

A network that is usually cofined to a single building and is managed by a single entity such as a company.

Metropolitan Area Network

A network that consits of two or more LAN's connected with private or public communication lines within the same geographic area, such as a city or a university campus. It is managed with a single entity.

Wide Area Network

A network that consists of a large number of networks and PC's connected with private and public communication lines throughout many geographic areas.

Bus Topology

A network topology that uses a single cable or conductor to connect all nodes on the network.


A common cable path that often employs high-speed network cable such as fiber-optic.

Terminating Resistor

An electrical device that absorbs transmitted signals, preventing the signals form deflecting and distorting.

Star Topology

A network topology in which cables running from each node connect to a single point, such as a hub.


A network device that provides a common electrical connection to all nodes to a star topology.


An electrical device that amplifies or reshapes a weak signal into its original strength and form.

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