Chapter 25 Radiology

12 terms by jessicagbarstow

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Occlusal trauma can cause periodontal disease.


Radiographs are two-dimensional images of three-dimensional objects.


Changes in soft tissue can be demonstrated radiographically


Radiographs can distinguish treated verses untreated disease.


Periodontal diseases affect both soft tissues and bone around the teeth.


Radiographs document the amount of bone remaining rather than the amount lost.


Which of the following statements is false?

A. Radiographs assist with determining active versus arrested disease.
B. Radiographs provide information on the tooth root-to-crown ratio.
C. Radiographs provide documentation of the progression of periodontal disease.
D. Radiogrpahs can assist the practitioner with predicting outcomes of treatment.

C. Radiographs provide documentation of the progression of periodontal disease.

Radiographs may assist in making the diagnosis of gingivitis.


Evidence of bone loss up to 30 percent and crestal bone density that appears as a fuzzy cupping-out of the alveolar crest are radiographic signs of case type II periodontal disease.


Radiographs may provide information regarding which of the following periodontal conditions?

A. Gingival inflammation
B. Local contributing factors
C. The presence of active disease
D. The depth of the pockets.

B. Local contributing factors

Can gingivitis be detected radiographically?


Can radiographs be used to differentiate treated versues untreated disease?


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