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Chapter 8 Choose the Channel


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Amateur athlete
someone who is not paid, but plays for enjoyment and challenge
oval-shaped outdoor theater with tiered seating around a central staging area
Art-house movies
movies whose subjects are outside the mainstream
Broadcast webs
groups (called affiliations) of television networks, production studios, and related entertainment businesses that produce shows or provide services for other members in the group
a combination of independent businesses formed to regulate production, pricing, and marketing of a product
Docking station
enables iPods to be connected to speakers that project the music throughout a room, rather than being limited to the individual earbuds of the iPod
Expansion fee
price the owner of a new franchise will have to pay; the price is set by existing owners and the fee is divided among them
making files available for others to download
Free enterprise
an economic system that allows the unregulated supply and demand of products to drive the economy
League agreement
controls the marketing mix and governs the distribution of the games, including the locations of the teams and the number of teams allowed to operate within the league
Mass media
a term used to describe a means of distributing an event to a large volume of people, including radio, television, and the Internet
Movie preview
the release of a movie to a limited number of theaters prior to its official release
a digital audio encoding and compression format designed to greatly reduce the amount of data required to represent audio; stands for MPEG-1 Audio Layer 3
unauthorized copying
types of delivery systems for sports and entertainment
a way of distributing multimedia files over the Internet for playback on computers, iPods, cell phones, and other mobile devices
financially backed
Title IX
an amendment in 1972 to federal education law that prohibits discrimination against females in school sports
the facility where live performances are held
Vertical integration
business structure in which one company controls several different areas of the same industry
Wide release
distributing a movie nationally to a thousand or more theaters at the same time