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What was the sultan forced to do when the janissary force grew too large?

kill its members

Constantinople was later renamed


chief official of a sultan

grand vizier

The Ottomans were defeated at the _________Gulf in 1571 CE.


The Bosporus and the Dardanelles are separated by the

Sea of Marmara

Ottoman religious, legal, and educational advisers

The Ulema

The Ottoman advance into Europe was halted at ______________, where the Ottoman soldiers were defeated in 1529.


The ___________ was the residence of the sultan's wives.


ottoman leader with supreme authority


how was islamic law applied to defining the legal position of women in the ottoman empire

Islamic law was more tolerant in defining the legal position of women

ottoman expansion in the early fourteenth century eventually led to their control over

the bosporus and the dardanelles

recruited from the local christian population in balkans the janissaries were

converted to Islam and trained as foot soldiers or administrators to serve the sultan

during the meetings of the imperial council the sultan

sat behind a screen and privately indicated his desires to the grand vizier

which of the following statements about women in the ottoman empire is not true

women were not allowed to own and inherit property

the hereditary nature of the position of sultan

led to struggles over succession between the sons of the sultan

Ottoman art included

distinctive woven rugs

empires formed by outside conquerors who unified the regions they conquered

Gunpower empires

the ottoman did not introduce ___________ to europe


Shah Abbas did not ________________.

refuse to trade silk with Europe

The Shiites believed that the shah was

a direct successor of Muhammad.

The ______________ took control of Persia at the beginning of the sixteenth century.


Two outstanding products of the Persians were woven silk and _______________.


After the death of ____________, the Safavid dynasty gradually lost its vigor.

Shah Abbas

Pressure to conform to traditional religious beliefs, or religious ___________, increased under the Safavids.


what was significant about the battle of chaldiran

The Ottomans use of artillery was a decisive tactical advantage

the ottoman empire preferred to

administer their lands through local rulers and pashas

what did the ottoman and safavid armies meet in the year 1514


islamic group to which the safavids belonged


safavids reached their high point under this leader

Shah Abbas

famous painter of the Safavid Era

Riza-I Abbasi

trade goods in the safavid empire were carried on a road system that was

fairly safe and enhanced with rest stops

conformity to traditional religious beliefs

Religious Orthodoxy

which group of religious scholars and educators within the ottoman empire was charged with the task of administering the legal system and ensuring that Islamic law was adhered to


memorial to Shah Jahan's wife

Taj Mahal

founder of Mogul dynasty in India


combined Persian-Indian motifs style of painting

"Akbar" style

In India the practice of __________ required a widow to be cremated along with her husband


akbar did not include _______ festivals when he combined religious festivals in india


safavid shahs did all of the following except

follow Roman laws

babur's forces entered india through the

Khyber Pass

sir robert clive was commissioned to fight any force that threatened

the East India Company

underground prison used in 1756

Black Hole of Calcutta

site where sir robert clive's army defeated mogul force


which three peoples inhabited the area invaded by ottoman forces between 1514-1638

Georgian, Azeris, and Kurds

established the Mongul dynasty


expanded his empire to rule almost all of india


what mogul school of painting combined persian with indian motifs

"Akbar style"

During the Ming Dynasty, Zheng He's exploration voyages took him through Southeast Asia all the way to __________.


active Christian missionaries in China


Manchu dress customs included the braiding of hair into a queue.


The overthrow of the Ming dynasty allowed

Manchus to seize power and establish the Qing dynasty

What does the passage mean by stating that Emperor Kangxi punish offenders "with marvelous impartiality?"

He punishes all the same, without consideration of the offenders.

leader of exploration and trading voyages

Zheng He

Manchu fighting units


the emperor kangxi was generally

tolerant of Christian missionaries

in order to identify rebels who opposed manchu rule the government

Ordered all Chinese males to shave their foreheads and braid their hair inti a pigtail called a queue

ruling dynasty from 1644 until 1911


who led the ming dynasty's naval voyages of exploration

Zheng He

separate manchu military units which became the chief qing fighting force


which of the following statements about china's first contact with the west is not true

the chinese were not impressed with European tools

which areas paid tribute to qing china

Southeast Asia, Nepal, Bhutan, and Korea

the british successes in india were achieved through the military genus of

Sir Robert Clive

Which city was a British trading fort


___________ rulers completed the restoration of central authority, which was begun by Nobunaga and Hideyoshi.


The first European traders to arrive in Japan were from _________


Why did Tokagawa Ieyasa ban Europeans from Japan?

Many Europeans were converting Japanese citizens to Christianity.

The powerful daimyo of Edo took control of Japan and assumed the title of ______________ in 1603.


all of the following contributed to the downfall of the ming dynasty except

European political ideas

which of the following was the second highest class within japanese class system


the japanese warrior class consisted of all of the following except

peasant farmers

which city was both a british and french trading fort


how does the author of this passage view peasants

with condescension

______________ began with nobunaga and hideyoshi and was restored by tokugawa rulers

central government authority

the __________ remained in power during the entire tokugawa era in japan

Yi dynasty of Korea

which rulers completed the restoration of central authority in japan in the early 1600


crops grown for sale

cash crops

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