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Chapter 11 Promotional Planning


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an electronic or online game that incorporates marketing content to promote a product or service
a person's public expression of approval or support for a product or service
Event coordinator
full-time staff person of the city hosting the event and/or the venue who works with the event's sponsors to plan the event
Exhibit manager
person who plans where various types of exhibits may be set up, rents space to businesses that wish to set up promotional booths, and ensures exhibitors have everything they need for successful setup
Federal Trade Commission (FTC)
a U.S. government agency whose principal mission is the promotion of consumer protection and competitive business practices
Promotional mix
the blending of the promotional elements of advertising, sales promotion, publicity, and personal selling
Promotional plan
a written, detailed description of how the four elements of promotion—advertising, sales promotion, publicity, and personal selling—will be used
Qualitative measurement
subjective measurement of research results that depends on interpretation
Quantitative measurement
provides information about research results in terms of numbers or percentages
Social network
the relationship among people, whether casual or close
a person, organization, or business that gives money or donates products and services to another person, organization, or event in exchange for public recognition
underwriting an event for the purpose of gaining positive association for a brand with the event, the participants, and/or the attendees
Themed events
events centered around a specific theme and held on an annual basis
advertisements for movies shown in theaters and on videos that precede the featured movie