Mairrage and Divorce


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Heb 13:4
Marriage is honorable
Exodus 22:16
if a man entice a maid
Tobit 7:13-14
Sirach 25:1
man and a wife that agree together
Sirach 42:7
put all in writing
Tobit 8:5-9
age together
Sirach 40:23
above both is a wife with her husband
matthew 19:5
live together
Deut 24:1-4
ex wife is defiled
Jer 3:1
shall he return unto her again?
Matthew 19:9
and shall marry another
Mark 10:12
woman shall put away her husband
1 Cor 7:39
bound by the law as long as her husband liveth
Rom 7:2-3
bound by the law to her husband
1 Cor 7:15
But if the unbelieving depart
Sirach 25:26
if she goeth not as thou wouldst have her
1 Cor 7:3-5
due benevolence