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Critical Race Theory


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What is Critical Race Theory?
a struggle of power, race, and racism
Basic Tenets of CRT (1):
racism is ordinary: common everyday experience for a colored person
Basic Tenets of CRT (2):
system of white- over-color serves an important purpose: advantages for the powerful race (less of a need for change)
Basic Tenets of CRT (3):
Race and Racial groups are products of social construction: nothing in our genetics
Basic Tenets of CRT (4):
Different groups are racialized at different times: change to meet the needs of the people in power
Basic Tenets of CRT (5):
Every race has it's own origins: ever changing history
Basic Tenets of CRT (6):
Every person has potentially conflicting or overlapping identities
Basic Tenets of CRT (7):
each person has a unique voice and experience: minority status does not speak for everyone