RDA law & Ethics

Sterile tissue or the vascular system BLOOD FLOWS
touch mucas membranes or skin
Not intact w/ skin....require low level disinfection
When 2 call CPS....child abuse reports?
Immediately ASAP
waterlines begginning of day (CDC)
3 min pre flush
Waterlines between patients (CDC)
30 seconds
Address change
Dental board w/ in 30 days
license re-newal
more than 30 days after ex. $35 delinquency fee B4 licence is renewed
license re-newal fee
$70.00 if not post marked on or b4 date of ex. lic. is expired
patient have the right 2 b determined what should b done w/ their bodies
Dental Auxiliary
Person other than the dentist who provides a service in a dental practice.
licence denial
been convicted of crime/ dishonesty/ fraud/ w/ the intent 2 substantially benefit himself or another/ or injure another/ licentiati of business or profession....GROUNDS 4 suspention or revok. of license
code of ethics
values & behavioralrinciples that serve as guidelines 4 the ethical practice of dentistry
orthodontic permit holder
Board approved coarse Remove eccess cement with an ultrasonis scaler from subgingival surfaces of teeth under going ortho treatment
license denial
have the right 2 request a hearing within 60 dayz after service of notice of denial
Mandated reporting
Reporting abuse elders & children/ financial, physical, or sexual abuse W/in 24hrs.
well-being/ benefit 2 the patient
contributing negligence
Pt's action(lack of action) negatinely affects the treatment out come
Truthfullness, not lying 2 patient
due care
absence of missing negligence
expressed contract
TELL verbal or written words
when 2 renew RDA
every 2 yrs by the last dayof the month of their bday
criminal law
against the state or government
civi; law
Relations of individuals
if applying 4 RDA & have felony
unprofessional conduct 1st punishment
inna county jail no more than 6 months or a fine not exceeding $1,000 or both
unprofessional conduct 2nd punishment
imprisonment in state prison for 16 months, 2 or, 3yrs or fine no more than $10,000
unprofessional conduct
person's who have violated a statuel regulation relating 2 practiceof dentistry which does notpresent a suubstantial probability that death orserious physical harm will result
Diversion Program
any intentional false communicatiion, either written, or spoken that harms a persons reputation decreases respect.
Diversion Program
confidential program 4 dentists,RDA, RDAEF, in CA whose ability 2 practice may b impaired due 2 alcohol/and or drug abuse. The programs offers a means of recovery w/out the loss of license by providing access 2 appropriate intervention programs & treatment services.
Board of Dental examiners of CA
Program Manager
staff manager of the diversion program, as designatedby the executive officerof the board. the program manager shall have backround experience in dealing with substance abuse isssues.
A) The board shall establish criteria for the acceptance, denial or termination of liceniates in a diversion program. Unless ordered by the board as condition of liceniate disciplinary probation, only those liceniates who have voluntarily requested diversion treatment & supervision by a committee shall participate in a Diversion Program.
B) A liceniate who is not the subject of a current investigation may self-refer 2 the Diversion Program on a confidential basis, except as provided in subdivision.
C) A licentiate under current investigation by the booardmay also request in2 the diversion program by contacting the Boards diversion program manager. The Program manager may refer the licentiate requesting participation in the program 2 a diversion evaluation committee 4 evaluation of eligibility. Prior 2 authorizing a liceniate 2 enter in2 the diversion proogram, the diversion program manager amy require the licienate, while under current investigation 4 n e violationsof the Dental Practice Act or other violations, 2 execute a statementof understanding that states that the licienate understands that his/her violations of the Dental practice actor other sstatutes that would otherwiseb the basis 4 disipline may still b investigated & the subject of disiplinary action
implied consent
an agreement that is made through inference by signs, inaction, or silence.(ACTION)
D) If the reasons 4 a current investigation of a licentiate r based primarily on the self-administration of n e controlled substance or dangerous drug or alcohol, or illegal possession, perscribtion, or nonviolent procurement of n e controlled substance or dangerouss drugs 4 self-administration that does not involvgeactual, direct harm 2 the public, the Board shall close the investigatiom w/out further action if the licentiate is accepted in2 the Board's Diversion Program & sucessfully completes the requirementts of the program. If the Licentiate*Withdraws or is terminated from the program by a diversion evaluation committee, & the termination is approved by the program manager, the investigation shall b re-opened & disciplinary action imposed, if warranted, as determined by the board
E) Neither acceptance nor participation in the Diversion Program shall preclude the Board From Investigation or cont. 2 investigate, or taking disciplinary action against, n e licentiate 4 n e unprofessional conduct committed b4, during, or after participation in the diverse program.
F) if a licentiate withdraws or is terminated from the Diversion program for failure 2 comply or is determined 2 b a threat 2 the public or his/her own health & safety, all diverrsion records 4 that licentiate shall b provided 2 the Boards Enforcement program & may b used in n e disciplinary proceeding. If a licentiate in a diversion program tests positive 4 nn e banned substance, the Board's diversion program shall immediately notify the board's enforcement program & provide the documentation evidencint the positive test result 2 the enforcement program. This documentation may b used in disciplinary proceeding.
G) Any licentiatte terminated from the diversion program4 failure 2 comply with program requirements is subject 2 disciplinary action by the board 4 acts committed b4, during , and after participation in the Diversion Program. A licentiate whi has beenn under investigation by the Board & has been terminated from the diversion program by a diversion eveluatio committee shall b reported by diversion evveluation committee 2 the Board.
****) Any licentiate may have his license revoked or suspended or b reprimanded or b placed on probation by the board 4 unprofeession conduct, or incompetence, or gross negligance in his/ her profession, or 4 the issuanceof a license by mistake, or 4 n e other cause applicable 2 the licentiate
**A) Any licentiate may have his license revoked or suspended or b reprimanded or b placed on probation by the board 4 conviction of a crime substantially related 2 the qualifications, functions, or duties of a dentist, or DA licensed, in which case the clerk of the court or by the judge in whose court the conviction is had, shall b coonclusive evidence.
Terminated 4 failure 2 comply w/ program reqiirements is subject 2 disciplinry action by board 4 acts committed beffore, durind, & after partipation in diversity program
inspect records during business hrs w/in 5 days of presenting a written request
recieve xrays w/ in 15 days w/ written request
Recieve copies of records 15 days w/ presenting a written request
Biological monitoriing(spore test)
@ least weekly
Committee & program manager in their discretionhave been rehabilitared & diversion program is completed, committee shall purge n destroy all reports pertaining participation in program.
RDA General supervision
*Mouth mirror inspections,
*viisible lesions
*existing restorations
*missing teeth
*placement & removal of temp sedative dressings
*apply/ activate bleaching agents using non laser light curing device
*use of automated caries detection & materials to gather info 4 diagnosis by the dentist.
*Obtain intra oral images 4 computer aided design
*Pulp vitility testing & recording of findings
*place bases, liners, & bonding agents
*Chemically prepare teeth 4 bonding
*Place, adjust, & finish direct provisional restorations including ssc wen used as a provisional restoration.
*Place post extraction dressing after inspection of the surgical site by the supervising licensed dentist.
*Place periodontal dressings
*Dry endodontically treated canals using absorbent paper points.
*Adjust dentures extra-orally
*Remove excess cement from surfaces of teeth w/ a hand instrument.
*polish coronal surfaces of the teeth
*Place ligerature ties & arch wires
* remove ortho bands
1) A DA, RDA, RDAEF, may perform an e extraoral duty under the direct supervision of a RDH or RDH in alternative practice
2) A RDA or RDAEF may perform under direct supervision of a RDH or a RDH in alternative practice.
*Coronal polish
*application of topical flouride
*sealants(board approved)
implied contract
Contract by actions not words
Informed consent
Granted by patients after being informed of tx
code of conduct
a statement that guides the ethical behavior of a company and its employees
Res Gestae
things done, excited utterance
Res ipsa loquitor
"the thing speaks for itself" ...the physicians mistake speaks for itself.
"Do Good" the clinician must do good for the patient. all actions should be motivated by what is in the patient's best interest.
direct supervision
dental procedures bason on instructions given by a licensed dentist who must physically presentin the treatment facility during those procedures.
General supervision
dental procedure based ona instructions given by a licensed dentist, but not requiringthe physical presence of the procedures
misdemeaner hold him/herself as a
hold him/herself as a ortho assistant permit holder, or dental sedation assistant permit holder(W/out license or permit issued by the board
moral rightness
non maleficence
the ethical principle of "first do no harm"
the ability to do what is needed
breach of contract
one party fails to fulfill contract
an act exempting someone, the quality of being unaffected by something
financial ledger
inventory control
acting according to certain accepted standards
scope of competence
Unprofessional conduct for MFT, to perform any professional service beyond the scope of ones confidence (established by ones education training or experience)
destroying someone's (or some group's) honesty or loyalty
conditional duties
A commitment that comes into being only after certain conditions are met
honesty, high moral standards
cancellation of licence
more than 5+ yrs. is automatically cancelled & cannot b renewed(new license or petition)
working w/ in set guidelines conforming 2 a rule
civil law
relations of individuals
criminal law
against state of government
official permission or approval
due care
absence of negligence (missing)
careless neglect
Refers to discontinuing medical care without making sure that another heath-care professional with equal or a higher level of training has taken over patient care.
Truthfulness, not lying 2 the patient
respondent superior
an employer is vicariously liable for the behavior of an employee working within his or her scope of employment, Responsibility of an employer for the acts of an employee
*, "let the master answer"
licence in other state w/out re-testing
respect for difference
When sending ins. claims
pt. name, bday, & social
(n) a act of calling or taking back, a cancellation
failure of professional duty or professional misconduct, instance of bad conduct or treatment from a doctor or other professional
exempt clinical duties
professional idenity
major crime punishable by imprisonment or death
American Dental Assosiation
california Dental Association
Dental Assisting National Board,
*Governs all dental assisting duties, written exam for RDA