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What are 'case reports'?

the means by which clinicians explore their practice through thoughtful descriptions and analysis of clinical information from one or more cases

According to the text, what is the differentiation between 'case study' and 'case report'?

'case study' refers to the more complete descriptions typical of research in the qualitative tradition; 'case report' refers to descriptions of clinical practice

How are retrospective and prospective case reports developed?

retrospective are developed when a practitioner realizes that there are lessons to be shared from a completed case; prospective are developed when a practitioner recognizes that the case is likely to produce interesting findings upon initial contact

What are the contributions of case reports to theory and practice?

See Figure 13-1 and Figure 13-2 (page 151)

What are the purposes of case reports?

general purpose is to carefully describe practice; others include sharing clinical experiences, developing hypotheses for research, building problem-solving skills, testing theory, persuading and motivating, helping to develop practice guidelines

What is the format of case studies?

follow the format (or modified) of traditional research reports: introduction, methods = describes the subject, analyzes the problem, presents exam data, results = outcomes of care, discussion and conclusion

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