t/p wc cough
thin white fur, floating/tight
t/p wh cough
red tongue or tip w/ thin dry yellow or white fur, floating/fast or slippery/fast
t/p wdry cough
dry red w/ white or yellow fur, floating/fast
t/p damp phlegm cough
thick white moist fur/yellow greasy, slippery/fast
t/p lu dryness w/ yin def cough
red w/ thin white fur or less fur, thready/rapid
t/p lv fire damage lu
yellow thin dry fur, bowstring/rapid
tp for wc cough
open lu orifice, expel cold, "ventilate LU"
tp for wh cough
open lu, clear heat, "diffuse the lu"
tp for wdry cough
eliminate wind, nourish yin
tp for damp phlegm cough
eliminate damp phlegm, open orifices, clear heat w/ tonify sp
tp for lu dryness w/ yin def
nourish lu yin, clear heat, open lung
tp for lv fire damage lu
clear liver heat, smooth li qi, nourish lung yin, open lung
pts for wc cough
ub13, li4, lu7, sj5, lu1
pts for wh cough
ub13, lu5, du14, li11 w/swollen & sorethroat LU11, erjan
pts for wdry cough
ub13, li4, li11, lu5, lu7, lu10, ren22, ren23
pts for damp phlegm cough
ub13/20, ren12, lu9, st36, st40, sp3, w/ heat li11, li4, st44, chest oppression p6
pts for lu dryness w/ yin def cough
ub13, lu5, lu7, ki6, cough up blood ub17, lu6
pts for lv fire damage lu
ub13, ub18, lu6/8, lv3, ren22, ren23, ki6
wc cough formula
zhi sou san, san ao tang
wh cough formula
sang ju yin
wdry cough formula
sang xing tang (sha shen mai dong tang)
damp phlegm cough formula
er chen tang w/ san zi yang qin tang
lu dryness w/ yin def cough formula
sha shen mai dong tang
lv fire damage lu cough formula
xie bai san w/ dai ge san
cough chinese
ke sou
6 types of cough ke sou
wc, wh, wdryness, damp phlegm, lu dryness w/ yin def, lv fire damaging lu
wc cough s/s
cough w/ itchy throat, thin white sputum or clear saliva, nasal stuffy obstruction, runny nose, HA, bodyache, C & F, no sweat
wh cough s/s
frequency coughing, loud or horse voice, sore throat, yellow sputum, sweating, nausea, nasal congestion w/ sticky yellow mucus, thirst, HA, aversion to wind, sore and heavy sensation in extremities, fever
wind dry cough s/s
dry cough, dry lips/nose/throat with no sputum or difficult w/ blood streaks, nasal obstruction, HA, slight chills & aversion to wind, fever,
damp phlegm cough s/s
cough w/ profused white thick sputum relieved by expectoration, chest congestion, poor appetite, nausea, loose stools, after period of time,,,cough w/ loud voice, yellow thick sputum difficult to expectorate, red face, fever, thirst w/ desire to drink little amount of water
lu dryness w/ yin def cough s/s
dry cough w/o sputum or scanty white sputum w/ blood, tidal or afternoon fever, malar flush, night sweats, more emaciation, dry throat & mouth, gradual hoarseness
lv fire damage lu cough s/s
cough (sometimes better, sometimes worse), red face, dry thirst, dry mouth/throat, scanty sputum, pain in hypochondria aggravated by cough, chest distention, bitter oral taste, cough aggravated or relieved by emotional activities