30 terms


what percentage of american are "off the net"
What are the primary vehicles which people bonded after the 9-11 attack
Tv, radio, telephone
what politcian has appered on the cover of time magazine the most
richard nixon
what is the term for the phenomenon whereby massive amounts of coverage resul in the audience becoming numb and failing to act on the information regardless of how compelling the issue was presented
Narcotizing Dysfunction
- If someone failed to contribute money because massive amounts of media coverage made him or her less sensitive to the needs of earthquake victims, this is called what?
narcotizing dysfunction
- What is it called when a small number of people control what eventually reaches the audience
- Who owns the largest percentage of television and radio stations in 97 countries
the goverment
how much is typically the monthly payment for internet in africa
- The creation of unreliable generalization that distorts the reality of persons, groups, and cultures is indicative of what?
what percentage of television broadcasts was devoted to male sports?
- How many primetime series out of 60-aired in recent years- did researchers find focused on minority performers
- Who predicted the rise of electronic media would create a "global village"?
Marshal McLuhan
- What movie was cross promoted by CNN and Time
matrix reloaded
A form of marriage in which a person can have several spouses and his or her lifetime but only one at a time
Serial Monogomy
Patrilineal descent
A kinship system in which only the fathers relative are significant
in which type of authority pattern adult members of the family are regarded as equals
Egalitarian Family
In 1981 16% of wife's earned more than their husbands what was that percent in 2005
the restriction of mate selection to people within the same group is referred to as what
marriage between african americans and whites have done what
Has increased more than 9 times
a sense of virility, personal worth, and pride in one's maleness
The merger of media giants is a prime example of what
Global village
when religions influence on other social institutions in a society diminishes
in many cultures there are shaman who assist individuals on journeys to the underworld these journeys would likely be considered part of what
sacred realm
what is single largest faith in the world
the office of faith based and community initiatives was created for what purpose
to give socially active religiouse groups access to government funding
what is liberation theology
church political effor to eliminate poverty
the feeling of exaltation that a person has when hearing a choir sing is characterized a religiouse what
what percentage of india is comprised of christian followers
what is the hidden curriculum
standards and behaviors
how many years passed between the establishment of the first men's collge and womens first being admittied to an institue of higher learning
200 years