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Which personal computer was chosen as "machine of the year" by Time magazine?


The ___________, weighing 24.5 pounds, was the industry's first portable computer.


The first commercial Internet Web browser was developed by ___________ in 1995.


Many people believe Grace Hopper's greatest contribution to computing was ___________.

The compiler

The graphical user interface was developed by ___________.


Match the following

I. PageMaker
II. Wordstar
III. VisiCalc
IV. Mosaic

A. First electronic spreadsheet application
B. Allowed viewing of multimedia on the Web
C. First desktop publishing software
D. First word processing application

C, D, A, B

Which version of Windows was designed to be principally a GUI operating system, although it still was based on DOS?

Windows 95

MS-DOS was an OS called ___________

Quick and Dirty Operating System

True or False? The Z1 is thought to be the first computer to include features integral to today's systems, including a control unit and separate memory functions.


A compiler is a program that translates computer language instructions into English language.


WordPerfect was the first word processing program to be available for personal computers.


Charles Babbage's Analytical Engine plans included components similar to those found in today's computers, including R.A.M., a central processing unit, as well as input and output devices.


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