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GPS software allows users to ___________

locate restaurants, airports, and points of interest.

Multimedia software includes all of the following EXCEPT: utility software, animation software, image editing software, audio editing software

Utility software

Which file format enables users to share, view, and print any file as long as they have the appropriate program installed?


Adobe Dreamweaver is an example of ___________.

Web page authoring software

Which type of software helps managers with tasks such as scheduling charts?

Project management software

Which type of software is used to keep track of appointments, to-do lists, and telephone numbers?

Database software

In a spreadsheet, equations you build yourself using values and cell references are called ___________.


___________ software includes images, video, and audio editing software.


___________ control how and when text and other objects enter and exit each slide of a slide show.

Animation effects

___________ refers to a set of instructions that tells a computer what to do.


True or False? Adobe Photoshop Elements is an example of a home image editing software program.


True or False? All Web-based software is free.


True or False? Windows 7 is operating system software.


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