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Chapter 5 Alternatives

OpenOffice 3 includes all of the following components EXCEPT: Calc, Word, Writer, Impress
Which of the following is free software to create or edit digital art? Impress, Base, Calc, GIMP
Which of the following is the desktop search feature in Mac OS X Snow Leopard? Time Capsule, Spotlight, Dashboard, Time Machine
Which of the following is an open source operating system? MS-DOS, Linux, Windows 7, Mac OS
Which of the following is similar to the Windows System Properties dialog box and displays hardware and software information on a Mac?
System Profiler
The default file format for saving a spreadsheet in Calc is ___________.
OpenOffice 3 includes a program called ___________ that lets you create simple graphs, charts, and diagrams.
The latest version of the Mac OS X operating system is called ___________.
Lion/Mountain Lion
Mozilla's ___________ is an open source e-mail client that includes add-ons for blogs, a calendar, a calculator, and multimedia tools.
Thunderbird 3
True or False? An advantage to building your own computer is the availability to technical support if something goes wrong.
Zoho and ThinkFree contain Web-based open source alternatives to Microsoft Office applications.
The OpenOffice 3 application called Impress is most similar to the PowerPoint program in Microsoft Office.