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First settlers on Hawai'i


True/False: Hawai'i's history is given orally because no absolute statements can be made


probably the first people to arrive on Hawai'i

300 AD

when the Marquesans arrived on Hawai'i


second wave of Hawaiians that arrived on Hawai'i

1200 AD

when the Tahitians arrived on Hawai'i


evidence of Hawaiians as master navigators


settlers most likely lived on this side of the island


True/False: when settling, the Hawaiians stayed far away from a clean fresh water source and the ocean


True/False: the aha council believed that the oldest of the population were the wisest and therefore the most fit to govern people


this constituted 80% of the Hawaiians diet


this replaced kalo in dry parts of the islands


resembles male phallic symbol and cannot be eaten by women

loko i'a

considered to be the most efficient source of food and technologically advanced thing made by the Hawaiians


True/False: Hawaiians wore clothes that was made by women only, from the lauhala and wake plants


True/False: Expansion period began and ended from 800-1200 AD


The safest person besides the ali'i to set with during a famine


ali'i's best friend

Hale mua

male eating house

Hale 'aina

female eating house

Hale pe'a

menstruation house

Hale noho

sleeping house

Hale ho'ola

healing place

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