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Geography: Mapwork

A cartographer is a person who puts together info on a map
Study of maps
What are the 3 different types of maps?
What Is a political map?
Shows countries and their boarders, capitals and towns
Show natural features, eg. Mountains, rivers and seas
What is a physical map?
Shows various aspects of country eg. Rainfall and biomes
What Is a thematic map?
Orthophoto and topographical
What 2 maps do we mainly use in south Africa?
A topographical map is a map that shows man made surface features.
What is a topographical map?
1:50 000
What is the scale of a topographical map?
•show larger area map and has bigger scale (1:50 000)
•shows physical and man-made features
•shows less detail but has a a key
•more expensive to make
What are the characteristics of a topographical map?
What is the measurement of an interval when we talk about contours?
Lines which join places at similar height above sea level
What Are contours?
A code indicates the position of a map on a grid of longitude and latitude
What is a map code?
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What does it look like?
A Orthophoto map is a birds eye view picture map combined with a topographical map
What is a Orthophoto map?
•smaller area map, has smaller scale but the picture is enlarged of a certain area (1:10 000)
•shows more detail
•is in black and white
•has no key
What are the characteristics of a Orthophoto map?
The amount by which the represented reality has been reduced on a map
What Is the definition of scale?
•fraction scale
•linear scale
•word scale
What 3 scales can you get?
This is the the amount by which represented reality has been reduced and is shown as a fraction eg. 1: 50 000
What is a fraction scale?
1cm = 50 000cm/ 0,5km/ 500m on ground
In a fraction scale what does 1:50 000 represent?
A straight line marked off in cm's representing the ground distance in km
What is a linear scale?
A word scale is taking any scale and writing it out in words
What is a word scale?
1:50 000 = 1cm on the map is equal to 50 000cm on the ground in reality
What is an example of a word scale?
Height above sea-level
What is altitude?
There are four ways:
•contour lines= all places on this line are above sea-level
•spot height= the exact height of the dot, is equal to 1 decimal place
•trigonmetric beacon= trig beacon no. Is measured in meters above sea-level
•bench mark= the point on the road above sea level
How many ways can altitude can be expressed and what are they?
The point of intersection between 2 lines of longitude an lines of latitude
What is a grid reference?
Grid references are used to give exact locations of particular places on the map.
What are grid references used for?
Latitude is always south and longitude is always east
What is specific with grid referencing in south Africa?
An approximate way it describing the position of one place in relation to another.
What is direction?
A valley
What contour is this?
A convex slope
What contour is this?
Steep slope
What contour is this?
Gentle slope
What contour is this?
Even slope
What contour is this?
Convex slope
What contour is this?
Stepped slope
What contour is this?
Cliff (vertical slope)
What contour is this?
What contour is this?
A pass
What contour is this?
Ridge and saddle
What contour is this?
A waterfall
What contour is this?
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What are the differences of the topographical and Orthophoto maps ?